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"Evil Chef Pee Pee!" is the 234th video of SML Movies.


Bowser Junior and his friends accidentally murder Chef Pee Pee with a water balloon.


The episode starts off with Bowser Junior playing with his Golden Thomas. Then, Chef Pee Pee comes in telling Junior he was going to the store, and Junior wanted Chef Pee Pee to buy macaroni and cheese. As Chef Pee Pee is leaving, Cody and Joseph knock on the door. After they come in, Joseph wants to show Junior and Cody a YouTube video. The YouTube video was about Chris and Logan pranking Bernard by throwing water balloons at him while he's sitting on the seesaw.

Then after Junior suggests that they play with water balloons, everyone agrees. Cody wants to play water balloons outside, and Junior suggests that they should drop a water balloon on Chef Pee Pee's head as he comes in with the groceries. After the water balloon is made, Junior suggests putting it in the freezer. Joseph agrees to this idea, but Cody is worried about Chef Pee Pee getting knocked out, or possibly dying, but ignores him. After a few minutes, they check on the water balloon, and it was ready.

Cody yells at Joseph and Junior for what could happen to Chef Pee Pee. He ignores him again, and then they wait by the stairs for Chef Pee Pee so they cold drop the frozen water balloon on his head. Then, Chef Pee Pee finally goes up the stairs with groceries, and then the frozen water balloon hits him in the head which makes him fall. They check on Chef Pee Pee, and he isn't breathing and he doesn't have a pulse.

Cody suggests that Chef Pee Pee died from the frozen water balloon hitting him, Junior doesn't believe him, so they drag Chef Pee Pee's body back into the apartment. They all argue because Junior and Joseph doesn't believe Chef Pee Pee died. Then Cody leaves because he doesn't want to be involved when the cops come. After, Joseph and Junior decide to call a doctor to see if Chef Pee Pee is okay. Once the doctor arrives, Junior and Joseph explain what happened to Chef Pee Pee.

The doctor then confirms Chef Pee Pee to be dead. The doctor then leaves, and Junior starts crying that Chef Pee Pee died. Junior wishes to have Chef Pee Pee back, then Craig The Devil shows up. He comes to take Chef Pee Pee's soul to hell, because he jaywalked pretty badly in 1997, then Craig The Devil says that Junior will be seeing Chef Pee Pee in the future, because of the murder of Chef Pee Pee. Then, Craig The Devil says Joseph will be going to hell because he is keeping his dead mother in his house while she decomposes.

Then, Craig The Devil starts taking Chef Pee Pee to hell with him, Junior and Joseph stop him, with Junior saying he'll do anything for Chef Pee Pee to be alive again. But, in order for Chef Pee Pee to be revived, Junior had to do something very evil. So, Junior went to the store to buy a Hershey's bar, and Junior brought a bag of pennies with him so the cashier could count all the pennies in order for Chef Pee Pee to be revived by Craig The Devil. After, Junior got back, Craig The Devil agreed to revive Chef Pee Pee, but there will be some side-effects, such as gas and being extremely evil. Then, Craig The Devil revives Chef Pee Pee.

Chef Pee Pee punches Junior in the face and heads for the kitchen. Junior and Joseph want the normal Chef Pee Pee back, but Craig The Devil declines and leaves. Then, Joseph leaves because he doesn't want to go to hell. Junior goes into the kitchen and checks on Chef Pee Pee while he is cooking macaroni and cheese. Chef Pee Pee sticks out a huge butcher knife.

Then, Chef Pee Pee puts black slime inside the macaroni and cheese. Once, Junior goes back into the living room, Chef Pee Pee serves Junior his macaroni and cheese with the sock in it. Then, Chef Pee Pee wants Junior to eat the macaroni and cheese, and Junior doesn't want to because he wasn't hungry. Chef Pee Pee throws Junior's Gold Thomas and yells "EAT IT!". Then, Bowser asks Junior if Chef Pee Pee was done with the macaroni and cheese.

Bowser questions why the macaroni and cheese looked like that, and Bowser went to ask Chef Pee Pee. Then, Chef Pee Pee beheads Bowser, and starts cooking Bowser's head. Junior comes into the kitchen and starts yelling that Chef Pee Pee killed his dad, and then runs in fear. Then, a police officer is at the door. The police officer follows Junior into the kitchen to find Bowser's dead body.

The police officer holds up a gun to Chef Pee Pee. Then, Chef Pee Pee steals the gun from the police officer, and shoots him dead. Then, Chef Pee Pee holds the gun to Junior's head. Craig The Devil then reappears, and tells Chef Pee Pee to calm down. Craig The Devil then explains to Junior that Chef Pee Pee purposely acted like he was evil to teach Junior a lesson for all of the bad things Junior has done.

Junior cries and states that he learned his lesson, and he wants Bowser, and the police officer to be revived. Craig The Devil does so, and it shows Junior, Cody, and Joseph on the couch, Chef Pee Pee, acting normal again, asks them if they want macaroni and cheese. They weren't hungry, so Chef Pee Pee goes back into the kitchen. Cody was shocked, and Junior told him what happened after he left. Cody then realizes that Joseph should always listen to Cody so nothing bad would happen to Junior.



  • This is the first time a character acknowledges the "SML Question" at the end of the video.
  • This is Craig's first appearance since Mario's Christmas Tree Problem!
  • This is Craig's only apprarance in 2016
  • This is the first appearance of Evil Chef Pee Pee (character).
  • This is the third time a character says the lesson. The first was in Bowser Junior's Candy Bar! and the second was in Bowser Junior's Game Night 3.
  • This the second time Joseph's mom is seen in her puppet form, the first was in Bowser Junior's 1st Grade! Part 4. The third is The Past Machine!
  • This is the third time that Brooklyn T. Guy dies, The first time was in The Purge!, and the second time was in Pop Rocks and Coke!.
  • This is the 6th time that Bowser actually dies, the first being The Sticky Situation.
  • This video has the longest SML question so far.
  • This is the second SML Movie to feature the word "Evil" in the video title, the first being Evil Bowser.
  • This is the second time Chef Pee Pee shoots Brooklyn T. Guy. The first was in The Purge!
  • The Bowser plush used for when Chef Pee Pee killed him was a knockoff Chinese Bowser plush from when Logan ordered the ones online for replacing his lost Bowser plush
  • This is the first time Chef Pee Pee is seen evil.
  • This is also the first time Chef Pee Pee is seen as a nazi.


  • In the SML question, question is misspelled as "quesiton".
  • It is unknown whether Bowser and the Brooklyn T. Guy came back to life as it was only shown that Craig turned Chef Pee Pee back to normal.
    • However, it is most likely both of them were revived offscreen.
  • At one point, Junior says "Cheffy" instead of "Chef Pee Pee", which is a amogamation on Chef and Jeffy.
  • When Joseph and Cody come to Junior's house, we don't hear the knocking.