Super Bowl Commercials

His debut, Super Bowl Commercials, had him be Patrick's friend and came in after Patrick said he didn't like boring cereal. Then he and Patrick started to eat Cookie Crisps with root beer.

Bowser Junior's 1st Grade (series)

He appears the all the episodes. He is usually seen with Patrick.

Bowser Junior Goes To Disney World

He appears with Patrick near a ride. When Bowser Junior appears he along with Patrick goes on the ride with him although he isn't seen on it.

Bowser Junior's Playtime 4

He appears at Sally and Ken's wedding. He is the priest and gets Sally and Ken married.

The Hitman!

In this episode, he's with Patrick at the park. When Patrick is bragging about his ice cream cone, the Loan Dolphin shots Patrick and he runs away.

Bowser Junior's 9th Birthday

He is one of the people at Bowser Junior's party but leaves when the T-Rex comes.