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Fountain Of Youth! is the 355th episode of SML Movies.


Bowser wants to be young again.


The video starts with Junior, Cody, and Joseph being hungry. Cody asks Junior to ask him if he is gay to which Cody replies "been gay" holding a tube of BENGAY in his hand. Chef Pee Pee calls Junior and his friends for dinner. Chef Pee Pee made them Trix cereal, and Cody tells him that he didn't even cook. They start eating, and Bowser comes in asking where his food is, and asks Junior if he can have some Trix. Junior says now coining the famous slogan "Trix are for kids!, Cody adds that its the law but Bowser says its a stupid comercial and tries to get a bowl anyways. The doorbell rings, and Bowser answers it while holding the bowl of cereal. Brooklyn T. Guy says that he got a tip and says that Bowser can't eat the Trix because he isn't a kid, Brooklyn takes the bowl and threatens to arrest Bowser if he does it again and leaves. Bowser gets upset that he couldn't have a box of cereal, so he goes to the store to get his own. He goes to the store and tells the cashier that he's eleven, however, the cashier doesn't believe him, and tells him to leave threating to call the cops. Bowser comes back to the house, and says that he wants to be young again. Cody says that they could put him in the fountain of youth, and takes out a potion, saying that he found it at a garage sale. They pour the potion into the bath tub, and tell Bowser that they made a bath for him. Bowser gets into the bath, and he then suddenly becomes smaller. He goes into the living room and tells Junior, and then goes to Chef Pee Pee and asks for cereal. Chef Pee Pee realizes that Bowser is a kid now and can tell him whatever he wants, and tells him to go to bed. Bowser goes into Junior's room, and wants to party. Junior says that they can do it tomorrow, cause they have school and they go to sleep. The next morning, Chef Pee Pee wakes them up for school, to which Junior gets upset, since he doesn't want to be embarrassed by his dad, but they go anyway. When they arrive to school, Jackie Chu is teaching the kids about shapes, and Bowser makes a joke, causing everyone to laugh. After school, Bowser invites Cody and Joseph over so they can go tipi a house. After that, they come back and tell Junior that Joseph was hit by a UPS truck, making Junior upset. Suddenly Joseph comes in, saying that Bowser wanted to prank Junior. Junior's friends say that his dad is cool, making him mad. Junior asks Chef Pee Pee that his friends think Bowser is cool and won't hang out with him. Chef Pee Pee suggests to Junior to be cooler than Bowser, which he does. Joseph and Cody tell Bowser that he is the coolest, and hanging out. Joseph asks him what he wants to do, Bowser suggests video games. But he turns back to normal. Cody and Joseph go back home, while Bowser screams. Junior then comes back. He tells him that he doesn't have to be young to be cool, and that he's been cool his whole life. The video then ends.  



  • This is the first episode of the Days of School series to not feature Jeffy in any capacity.
  • This video reveals Bowser likes the Trix cereal.
  • When Cody made the Bengay joke, he prounces it as "been gay".
  • Apparently, in the SML universe only children can eat the Trix cereal, although it is a clear reference to the Trix commercials.
  • When Bowser was turned into a young person, he had the head of the lost Bowser Plush sewed onto Iggy's body.
  • The Bengay Joke is actually first mentioned in Logan’s Twitter account
  • It is unknown how Bowser returned to normal after the events of this video. It could be possible that this video is non-canon or the effects of the fountain of youth bath might have worn off.

Cultural References

  • This episode may be based off the Rick and Morty episode “Big Trouble in Little Sanchez” because in that episode, Rick makes a younger version of himself.
  • Bowser not being allowed to eat Trix due to it being for kids is a possible reference to the scene in Ted 2 where Liam Neeson asks Ted if adults eating Trix is illegal or not.


  • Jackie Chu should‘ve heard Bowser before barely seeing him.
  • Despite the title, the only Fountain of Youth element in this video is the potion Cody had.
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