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Friday The 13th is the 333rd episode of SML Movies.


It's Friday the 13th and Junior thinks something bad is gonna happen!


The video starts out with them watching Hey Arnold, which shows Arnold making out with Helga. Cody states how much TV shows have change and how they never remember watching that episode. They then decide to play hide and seek, with Junior being the seeker. Cody and Joseph hide under Junior's bed as Junior starts to find them. He sees that his door room is open so he checks inside his room. He hears a voice and thinks it's from inside the wall and thus breaking it, ultimately finding a old newspaper saying that a kid has drowned in Junior's backyard lake on September 13, 1957. They then decide to call the cops. Brooklyn T Guy shows up and Junior shows him the old newspaper. Brooklyn mentions that his father told him about this before. A flashback shows Brooklyn T Guy as a little kid wanting to swim in a lake but his father denies, saying there are sea monsters there. The flashback ends and Brooklyn T Guy yells "WTF" asking what flashback this is. He tells the kids that the boy comes out of the lake every Friday the 13th to kill kids who have not saved him, then runs away yelling "Good Luck" to Junior and his friends. Joseph runs away since he doesn't want to risk dying, making Junior and Cody complain at him since he leaves every time something bad happens. So Joseph insults them and leaves, leaving Junior worried that he is going to get killed, but Cody calms him down. They tell Chef Pee Pee, who is currently making an Irish Dish, that a kid drowned in the lake 60 years ago and Chef Pee Pee doesn't care. Junior says that he murders kids and Chef Pee Pee denies saying that this is unrealistic. Junior however is still scared though. Suddenly, Jason starts to slowly come out of the lake arriving at Junior's house. Chef Pee Pee opens the door, thinking Jason is going trick or treating and he makes fun of him for that, leading Jason to (possibly) killing him. Later, Jason arrives at Junior's room. Cody then tries to use his and Ken's hunkiness to kill him, and fails. They run but soon realize Jason can teleport to the other side. They then run to the kitchen and throw a cup of water that knocks him out, since water is Jason's weakness. Junior and Cody then save Ken, only to find out that Jason is back, this time wearing floaties. Junior then pops his floaties and leads him to the bathroom, forcing him to die. Junior and Cosy then unmask Jason to see who the killer really is. Finally, when they take off the mask, it turns out to be Chef Pee Pee, saying "Nah It's just me n*gga", and the video abruptly ending.



  • Cody saying how cartoons changed could also been a inside reference to the criticism on how SML changed since Jeffy appeared on the show.
  • The way that Junior popped Jason's floaties is most likely a reference to how Mario popped Jeffy's big duck floated in Jeffy's Bathtime!
  • The dish that Chef Pee Pee cooked is similar to the food that Chef Pee Pee made in Chef Pee Pee The Babysitter!
  • This is the second episode to have a BTS and Bloopers, the first was "Bowser Junior's Doll!".
  • This is the second Friday the 13th themed video. The first was "Bowser Junior's Bad Luck!".
  • This is the first appearance of Brooklyn T. Guy's Dad.
  • This is the fourth episode to use the "Nah it's just me, nigga!" gag. The first time is Bowser Junior's Doll!, the second time is Bigfoot! and the third time is Bowser Junior's 9th Birthday!
  • This is Arnold Shortman, Helga G. Pataki and Jason Voorhees' first and possibly only appearance in an SML video.
  • This video peaked at #6 on YouTube Trending.
  • This is the second episode to mention Cody's muscles, the first was Superpowers 2.
  • Jason drowning from water contact is similar to Gumbo's death from touching water.


  • This video is based on the Friday the 13th horror film franchise.


  • It was revealed that Chef Pee Pee was in the costume, but earlier Jason and Chef Pee Pee were both on-screen and Jason even killed Chef Pee Pee.
    • However, it could be possible that Logan had Chef Pee Pee just for the joke at the end of the video.
  • A couple seconds after Cody reads "kid drowns in lake" on the 60-year-old news paper, Joseph says "Wait, was it my mom?!" even though he already knows that his mom died on Halloween, 2015 as said in "Bowser Junior's Halloween Problem!"
    • It's possible that Joseph may have forgotten that she died on Halloween 2015, or that he may have confused Jason Voorhees for his own mother.
  • You can clearly see Chef Pee Pee's clothes in the water when Bowser Junior re-drowns Jason Voorhees in the bathtub
  • Jason Voorhees wouldn't be able to put the floaties on when he was still stunned by the cup of water earlier.
  • If Brooklyn T. Guy was a kid in the flashback, his dad would've been in his mid 30's back then


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