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Profile: FroggyCompany
Genre: Plush Videos
Date Joined: March 20, 2007
Date Shut Down: March 18, 2010
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FroggyCompany was a YouTube channel that made plush Mario videos. He is the predecessor to SuperMarioLogan.


The beginning

FroggyCompany was created on March 20, 2007. He made plush Mario videos and was the second YouTuber to do this (the first is the Cute Mario Bros.).

Though most do not remember what his content was, SMLArchive managed to make a FroggyCompany Archive which archived some of his videos.


Nine months after Froggy began making videos, SuperMarioLogan started his channel which put Froggy's videos under the water. SuperMarioLogan got his inspiration for mario plush videos from Froggy. Froggy began to compete with SuperMarioLogan by blocking his channel, reporting him several times, and posting rude comments on his channel from 2008 up until Froggy's channel was terminated.


Froggy also set up a channel called IHATEMARIOLOGAN. This channel was a place in which people who sided with Froggy expressed their hatred for Logan. In late 2009, Logan discovered the channel which at the time had over 800 subscribers. Logan reported IHATEMARIOLOGAN to YouTube, and soon after the channel was taken down.

The end of FroggyCompany

In January 2010, Froggy posted a new video on his channel in which he threatened to kill Logan if he didn't remove his channel and any trace of himself on the internet by February 2, 2010. He sent this video to Logan multiple times, and Logan reported Froggy on February 1, 2010, mere minutes before midnight. Froggy's channel was finally terminated on March 18, 2010.

Fresh start

After his channel was terminated, Froggy was stuck in a dead end. He decided not to continue making plush videos and instead make adult animations on a new channel.

Today, he has a gaming podcast called ThirdPartyController. He doesn't care much about Logan anymore.

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