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Profile: FroggyCompany
Genre: Plush Videos
Date Joined: March 20, 2007
Date Shut Down: March 18, 2010
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FroggyCompany was a YouTube channel that made plush Mario videos. He is the predecessor to SuperMarioLogan.


The Beginning

FroggyCompany was set up as a Youtube channel on July 23, 2007. They posted videos that were Super Mario Plush videos. They were the second to do this (next to the Cute Mario Bros.). He was in Logan's Draw my Life video where Logan told us all about him.

Though most do not remember what his channel content was, SMLArchive managed to make a FroggyCompany Archive which had some of his work.

The Deep Sadness of FroggyCompany

This was a bad idea because in less than 5 months, SuperMarioLogan began his channel which put FroggyCompany's videos under the water. SuperMarioLogan got his inspiration for mario plush videos from FroggyCompany. FroggyCompany began to compete with SuperMarioLogan by blocking his channel, reporting him several times, and having posted over 30,000 rude comments on his channel from 2008 until 2010.



FroggyCompany also set up a channel that told people to hate SuperMarioLogan called IHATEMARIOLOGAN. A place for people to comment how they hate SuperMarioLogan. In late 2009, SuperMarioLogan discovered the channel that now had over 300 SML haters and over 800 subscribers and had hated videos of FroggyCompany's owner ripping Mario plushes, and using ten minutes of time to curse at him. Logan reported this to YouTube, and the channel was taken down.

The End...?

In January 2010, FroggyCompany had sprung a new video on his channel as a threat to kill Logan if he didn't tear down his channel and website and any trace of himself on the internet by February 2, 2010. He sent this video to Logan 234 times, and finally Logan reported FroggyCompany on February 1, 2010 moments before midnight and moments before Logan had the thought of killing himself.

Channel taken down and the beginning of his animations...?

FroggyCompany's channel was torn down by YouTube on March 18, 2010 and since Froggy didn't what to do after that he decided to have a fresh start with something else; he wanted to do animations since he was inspired by various animators from YouTube and Newgrounds, and he did have a sense of humor that wasn't in his plush videos; he wanted to mostly target mostly teens or adults.

How he is today

He's mostly doing well nowadays. He sometimes does collab with StamperTV and RicePirate and mostly targets his work now towards adults now. He doesn't really care about Logan that much anymore.

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