Ghost Shrimpo is the 11th video of SML Movies.


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Woody is tired out from Shrimpo hunting and decides to go to bed. While in his bed, he turns on his Wildlife noises. It gets annoying, and he turns it off in anger. Suddenly, he realizes that his closet door is scaring him. He calls in Mario, who is still complaining about his hair. When Mario comes in, Woody claims that there are "Ghost Shrimpos" in his closet and demands Mario to sneak a peak in there. When he goes to the Closet Door, Woody jumpscares him and Mario is angered and scared. Woody claims that he was trying to scare him. He wanted him to close the door, and Mario is all angered and his hat falls off by accident, which causes Woody to make a jeer about his hair. Mario closes the door, disciplines Woody. Mario leaves the room, and Woody calls him back in. Frustrated, Mario demands to know what is up now. Woody claims that Mario forgot to tuck him in, and Mario complains that he is 45 years old and that he is old enough to tuck himself in. He then demands that he wants his Warm Milk, and Mario denies it. Then, Woody tells Mario to go close his Closet Door. Mario gets angered and said that Woody opened it again so that he can scare him. Mario goes over to the door and closes it. He then leaves angered and Woody shouts at Mario saying that he loves him. When he goes to sleep, his Closet door creaks open and is scared. He goes to check on it himself, only to his surprise that he finds Shrek and his Cheesecake. Woody harshly scolds them, and Shrek insults Woody saying that his manners are the reason why he doesn't have a girlfriend. He then leaves. Woody goes back to sleep once again, only for his closet door to start violently opening and closing. When Woody goes over to check, a Ghost Shrimpo jumpscares him out the closet door, and Woody starts screaming and running out of his room. He then runs into Mario's bedroom and he demands that he sleeps with him tonight, much to Mario's dis-pleasure.



  • This video states that Woody has a fear of ghost shrimpos.

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