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"Get the fuck out.... YOU TWO ARE EVICTED AS FUCK!!! GET THE FUCK OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!"
— To Mario and Bowser in "The Koopalings! Part 2"
— Goodman when reporting the news

Goodman is a recurring character in SuperMarioLogans videos and the archenemy of Black Yoshi and Tyrone. He is known for his countless number of jobs, sometimes having them all at the same time.

He is the police chief since 2009 and is now Mario's landlord.


This version of Goodman Puppet is from Melissa & Doug


  • Protective
  • Organized
  • Smart
  • Intelligent
  • Angry

Likes and Dislikes


  • Jobs
  • Big watermelon balls
  • Being Rich As Fuck
  • Wearing His Elephant Asshole Suit


  • Crimes
  • Little tic tac balls
  • Chainsaws in apartments
  • Someone not making a payment
  • Prank calls
  • Chef pee pee's ravioli
  • People trying to "fuck" him


  • Police officer (mostly)
  • Teacher
  • GameStop employee
  • News reporter
  • Doctor (rarely)
  • Banker
  • Business owner
  • Judge
  • Lawyer
  • Owner of Goodman Bank and Trust
  • Volunteer guy
  • Clerk
  • Senior Citizen Nursing Home Employee
  • Importer Deals co-founder
  • TV repair man
  • Locksmith
  • Genie
  • Movie theater usher
  • TV presenter
  • Host of The Dr. Goodman Show
  • Police commissioner
  • Landlord
  • Host of The World's Smartest Person Contest
  • Chef


  • "Mkay"
  • "Drugs are BAD."
  • "Breaking news mkay!"
  • "Alright little buddy, you have the right to remain stupid!"
  • "Alright Pee Pee, its time to get tazed mkay?"
  • "You did good Pee Pee."
  • "Bowser, this is the seventh time this week, the first six times were because of child abuse and now prank calling? This is ridiculous!"
  • Sir, please step out of the car"
  • "Well, you have to because by law, if you do not teach him this, and he does not pass the exam, you'll go to jail for neglect."
  • "I'm Mr. Goodman, I'm the owner of Goodman Bank prove you for the $10K credit card ran up decide not to pay. So how did it feel? When you fucked me! You fucked me hard! And so now I have all this shit on my hands, I have a fucking Choo-Choo Train with a face on it! That's fucking mine! So you can go ahead take that too! Take my two favorite lollipops, my favorite! Then my broken heart because it got fucked! You fucked me, because you didn't make a payment on your $10K credit card! You fucked me, you fucked me good and hard! I have a damn Space Shuttle, that you fucked me with! So you can take that too! (Gives the card to The Loan Dolphin.) And then this right here, a fucking Gumball Machine, Inside a Gumball Machine. Merry Fucking Christmas to me, I didn't know I fucking wanted on my Santa Claus list. And I have a fucking..I have a fucking pool full of pizza over there, and I didn't know that I wanted that either! But you fucked me, you fucked me! No the fuck they're not, no the fuck they're not they're my fucking glasses! So I want to fucking know, why do you fuck me, HUH!? Don't answer that! Why did he fuck me? (shakes the Magic 8-Ball) Answer not clear. Because that's fucking not clear why you fucked me! My asshole's so fucking big, I can fit that 8-ball in my ass! You fucked me, you fucked me good and hard what do you have to say for yourself? Well no more Credit Cards for you." (while he cutting Bowser Junior's 3 credit cards like the casher from the video, Bowser Junior's Credit Card!)
  • Any questions?"
  • "What a faggot. Everyone, what a faggot!"
  • "Get the fuck out.... YOU TWO ARE EVICTED AS FUCK!!! GET THE FUCK OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!"
  • "Man, you are ASIAN!"
  • "I'm gonna bite your nut sack off."


  • Goodman has a credit card reader in his mouth.
  • In his first appearance back in 2009, he was a regular police officer and he didn't say his catchphrase "Mkay".
  • He is the most common recurring character in SuperMarioLogan's videos.
  • According to some fans, his voice and his catchphrase "m'kay" are inspired by Mr. Mackey from South Park as both say it at the end of their sentences.
  • He stated that he has 12 identical brothers.
  • Like The Brooklyn Guy, Goodman has several jobs.
  • In most of his recent videos like Bowser Junior's Painting! or Bowser Junior's Credit Card!, he seems to curse and say words like fuck, which are uncensored by Logan, Goodman used at the end of the video. This is a reference to the South Park episode "Medicinal Fried Chicken", where Colonel Sanders says to Eric Cartman "Just remember, I only tell you one time. Don't fuck me, Eric. Don't you ever try to fuck me." (Probably forgotten or not done on purpose.)
  • In Bowser Junior's Credit Card!, Goodman has the longest quote in the history of SML 
  • In the World's Smartest Person Competition, he had a habit of calling Jackie Chu racist names, such as "Ping-Pong table", "sweet sour chicken" and "Bing Bong".
  • In Mario And Bowser's Stupid And Crazy Adventures, Goodman takes Mario and Peach's baby after Sonic is killed.
  • As of Black Yoshi's Scam!, Goodman now wears a black suit.
  • Usually, in recent videos, he always buts in everyone.

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