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Goomba Max

Goomba appears as one of the villains in SuperMarioLogan. He dies a few times but appears alive in later episodes. In season 1 episode 6 he was killed by Officer Goodman. He helped Bowser get out of the grill in season 2 episode 1, but the goomba was annoying Bowser so he killed the Goomba. He was also with the Koopa (A.K.A the secret Koopa) to bring Bowser back to life in season 2 episode 2 (they brought Bowser back to life because he died when he killed Mama Luigi because the explosion was so big.)There is also Goomba Max (who is in jail with Mario and Bubbles,Sally and Crack Bear and Jamaican Croc).

Goomba also appeared as an antagonist in The Perfect Plan!.

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