Harleyyy and Friends
Harleyyy & Friends

Original airing

June 20, 2014

Original channel

Laugh Box TV


Logan Thirtyacre as Harleyyy


Charleyyy and Friends

First appearance

Mario and Luigi's Stupid and Dumb Adventures Season 3 Episode 1

Harleyyy and Friends is a alternate version of Charleyyy and Friends. It is a fictional comedy television series, exclusively on SuperMarioLogan, which is Pee Pee's favorite show. It features the main character, Harleyyy (portrayed by Logan who also voices Junior)

The show consists of skits of what Harleyyy is afraid of, such as spiders in the only episode released so far.

The ratings of the show is TVY, as Pee Pee is the only person shown to be watching it.

Episode Summaries

In A New Beginning, Harleyyy admits he's afraid of spiders, but he has a spider on him. He freaks out, and the laughtrack plays.


A New Beginning: Harleyyy's Fear of Spiders


Logan Thirtyacre as Harleyyy


  • Despite being called "Harleyyy and Friends", none of Harleyyy's friends show up at all. This is also the same for Charleyyy and Friends. 


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