"Home Alone" is the 83rd video of SML Movies.


Bowser Junior is left home alone...


It opens up with Bowser watching Charleyyy and Friends, when it goes off. So Bowser turns the channel to Manly TV, where he is informed about a monster truck rally happening that night. The rally has a special where if you admit two people, you only pay for one. Bowser decides to bring Chef Pee Pee with him.

Meanwhile, Junior is watching a soap opera in his room. Bowser comes in and tells him about the monster truck rally, which Junior can't go to. Junior is very upset about it. Bowser says that he hired a babysitter for Junior, while in reality he didn't.

Not long after Bowser and Chef Pee Pee leave, three burglars appear, preparing to rob Bowers's house. The third burglar, named Ray, shows up late because she was at Bell's buying a new shirt, despite the fact she was told to wear black. The first burglar takes George as a code-name. The second one takes Paul McCartney, while Ray takes Ringo.

Junior is still upset about not being able to go the the monster truck rally, but then decides to pull a joke on the babysitter. He puts a bowling ball on top of the door. Ringo walks in and gets crushed by the bowling ball, killing her. Junior finds this hilarious, and decides to pull more jokes on them.

As George and Paul walk through the house, Paul picks up Thomas and takes him for his son. As they go into the kitchen, George and Paul see some Cheez-Its that Junior laid out on the floor. They follow the trail and it leads to the oven. There's a golden watch and a mouse trap in there. George is fully aware that it's a trap, but as Paul tries to get the watch, Junior closes the oven door on him, leaving Paul to burn to death.

George gets angry and chases Junior through the house, until Junior locks himself in his room and electrifies the doorknob. When George tries to open it, he gets electrocuted and passes out.

Later, when George regains consciousness, he is tied up and laid out on Junior's train set. Junior is preparing to kill George with Thomas, but when he does, it just gives George a minor headache. Just as Junior is about to try again, Officer Goodman shows up at the door to arrest George, and tries to ask Ringo if she needs medical attention.

Bowser and Chef Pee Pee return home as there were no monster trucks at the rally, just as Officer Goodman is escorting George out. Junior and Goodman both explain the situation. Junior then asks what would happen to Bowser since he left him home alone. Goodman states that Bowser will also be arrested because Junior wasn't old enough to be home alone (child neglect).



  • Junior uses his Nerf gun from Bowser Junior's Nerf Gun against George.
  • Junior is revealed to still be sick from the events of Bowser Junior's Sickness.
  • This is the first SML episode to reference a movie.
  • This video was requested by a fan named LuigiGaming.
  • It is unknown how Logan recorded the oven scene.
  • This is one of the few videos where Bowser gets Arrested.


  • This video is a plush remake of Home Alone, the 1990 film where Bowser Junior was "Kevin" but instead of 2 robbers there were 3.
  • You don't have to be 18 to be home alone. The legal age is 12 in Florida.
  • Brooklyn T. Guy named himself George after George Harrison, Simmons named himself Paul after Paul McCartney, and Nurse Tenny named herself Ringo after Ringo Starr. If one more person joined them and named themselves John after John Lennon, the team would be named after The Beatles.


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