Jacques Pierre François was a famous French artist and was a character in Bowser Junior's Painting!. He acquired his fame by revealing his latest painting with Goodman on the news called "The Sneeze", because he put paint in his nose, then sneezed it on the canvas. He claimed that it took him three years to paint it. He then stumbled upon Junior upon the news and decided to challenge him an art duel. Junior got in this deal and agree to battle for their rights to paint. He won him in the art duel by cutting his ear off and pasting in on a black canvas calling it "The Sacrifice".

Jacques Pierre François is later revealed to be the father of Jeffy in Jeffy's Parents! He had committed suicide in the same episode for his painting called "The Suicide", and he had left all of his money he had when he died for when Jeffy turns 18 as inheritance money to give to Jeffy.


  • In Jeffy's Brain! it is revealed that he taught his son Jeffy to speak French.
  • It has never been explicitly stated if he is really the true father of Jeffy though it was said that Jeffy is his only child in Jeffy's Parents!, but this could be a mistake by Mr. Goodman.
  • Jacques Pierre François is a French name which means his English name would be "James Peter Francis"
  • Jacques Pierre François is also based on many French artists such as "Jean Pierre" and "Charles François"
  • Despite being French, his name derives from the Hebrew language.
  • The ear of the Jacques Pierre François is actually magnetic and it can actually be taken off and on with ease.


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