Jamarcus Mitchell was Logan's friend from a hospital that he met while he was there. Jamarcus died from cancer on October 16, 2012, aged 23. He always told Logan to be strong and just believe in the Lord. When Jamarcus died, Logan went to church more often.

Likes and Dislikes


  • Logan
  • Listening to music
  • God
  • Jesus


  • Being at the hospital
  • Leukemia (His cancer)


Jamarcus was described to be a very friendly guy and was really proud of being christian. When Logan was in the hospital, Jamarcus even told Logan's grandmother that he was praying for Logan every night before he even met him. When they finally met, Logan described him being full of life and happy to be alive, even though he was in the hospital for 2 years due to leukemia, "He was so glad to be alive". When Logan got better and was nearly ready to be discharged, Jamarcus got worse but Logan promised him he would visit him all the time. Before, Jamarcus' death, he got even worse than before. He lost his personality. "He was not happy, he wasn't full of life, he just layed there, he could barely even talk.". He told Logan that he will be going "home" soon. Logan didn't understand until Jamarcus' death on October 16th, 2012.


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