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Hey, my name is Jeffy, see? It says it on my shirt, Je-ffy. You wanna see my pencil, you wanna see it?
— Jeffy's Introduction
— Jeffy in multiple videos
— Jeffy's new catchphrase

Jeffy Jeffy (né François), known simply as Jeffy, is the tritagonist of the SuperMarioLogan franchise. He serves as the main protagonist of jeffy's parents, and the dueteragonist of the days of school series. He is one of the most famous characters in the franchise if not the most famous, particularly with younger fans, as well being the second most common one, being only surpassed by Bowser Junior,  Jeffy is voiced by Lance Thirtyacre, as well as (formerly) Anthony Miller, who used to make the animal noises. Jeffy is known for his stupidity, and strange, unusual behavior and personality, such as his tendency to put pencils in his nose and spank his diaper often. He is the adopted son of Mario and his enthusiastic girlfriend Rosalina, whom he calls "Daddy" and "Mommy" respectively. He is well known for spanking his diaper, making "UHH" noises, and his fairly new catchphrase in 2017, "ARE YOU FUCKING HIGH?!", as well as his recent extreme use of profanity. Since first debuting, Jeffy has shown a slight increase of maturity, though it is difficult for him considering his origins.


Because his father is the late rich painter Jacques Pierre Francois, Jeffy is of French descent and extremely skilled at painting. His mother, Nancy Francois, turned out to be an abusive mother and prostitute, who gave birth to Jeffy in a porta-potty. Mario adopted Jeffy after his abusive mother got arrested for child abuse, prostitution, and a number of other things. Mario does this in hope that when Jeffy turns 18, he gives Mario some of his bond money inherited from his father.


Jeffy is taller than the average preteen, and lanky with short posture. He wears a blue bicycle helmet, usually has a pencil shoved up his nose, along with an orange-yellow t-shirt that says "jeffy" on it. He wears short dark blue jeans with a diaper outside of it, which he occasionally spanks. According to Jeffy, the diaper is on the outside of his pants so the diaper doesn't get dirty. Jeffy wears black sneakers (which have been said to be branded by Adidas). His biological appearance seems to be his blue eyes from his mother, and his black hair from his father. He is Caucasian, his face is oval shaped with two teeth, and has a round nose, along with two eyelashes and a unibrow.

Life outside the USA 

Jeffy was born in a port-a-potty in Paris, France in 2004. He never attended any school due to his mother lacking any sort of care for him. After his parents possibly got divorced, Jeffy was taken by his mother and smuggled into Pensacola, Florida as an illegal immigrant. Jeffy was then dropped off at Mario and Bowser's apartment because his mother was tired of his stupidity. He now lives with Mario and his family in the New House.


Jeffy has displayed acts that can be seen as outright idiotic. He has a bad habit of spanking his diaper which strangely happens to be outside his pants. When he is called a "bad boy," he tends to throw have a meltdown by throwing his head onto any surface, but calms down when he is called a "good boy" (but this doesn't happen after the episode Jeffy Loses His Pencil!). He likes to put his "pee-pee" in stuff, especially Cheerios cereal boxes. Jeffy has a tendency to throw epic meltdowns when he does not get his way, no matter how small the situation is. He is also afraid of the most retarded things such as hippos, toilets, animal cards, snow, ostriches, and the flu shot. His parents delivered him to Mario because his mom did not want to look after him (according to Jeffy). Not much is known about his relationship between Bowser Junior and Joseph, despite the fact that both called him awesome after surviving a game of Russian Roulette once. Rosalina is more loving and caring towards Jeffy, to the point of acting like a motherly figure and calling Mario off whenever he spanks Jeffy.

Untitled by awfulfanvore-db8tgkm

However, Jeffy has been shown to act smart, but in a dumb way at times, such as in Jeffy's Homework! when he reasoned that 8-4=8, since they are taking 4 out of the equation, even going on a profanity-laced rant. Later, in Jeffy's Bedtime!, he called the nameless tall character in Green Eggs and Ham a liar since the character claimed that he liked the green eggs and ham, but the illustration clearly shows that he didn't eat the ham at all. According to him, he used to live at 7 Jeffy Street before being dropped off at Mario's door. Jeffy also tends to soil his pants a lot. Jeffy has been proved to be smart, despite his rather or example, in "First Day Of School!", he was smart enough to tell the teacher off for assigning a 10-page paper that was due the next day (though he got a note sent home for doing so). Sometimes even more so than Junior, as seen in Jeffy's Bedtime!, where he demands that Mario and Rosalina make his green eggs and ham, in "Jeffy Gets Potty Trained!", when he demands that Rosalina give him marshmallows instead of peas, in "The Hitman!", where he wanted Jello after Mario gave him green beans, and he refused to eat his nuggets because he wasn't given 20 toys and threw them away, and finally in "Locked Out", where he demanded for chocolate cake, cried when Mario didn't give him chocolate cake and locked Mario out just so he could teabag Mario's plate of cake. He also flips his desk in "First Day Of School!" because the teacher assigned a 10-page essay that was due the next day and cusses (mostly the F-word) at Jackie Chu.

Sometimes Jeffy seems have a prankster personality as in "Jeffy's Cellphone!", where he prank calls several places, including an employee named Josh, and in "Shrek The Babysitter!", where he locks Shrek in the bathroom with the help of Junior. During both of these videos, he seems to be less unintelligent, causing many fans to think that this could be a normal version of Jeffy, despite all of his intelligent moments in the series. Some people think Jeffy pretends to be retarded.

When his real mother Nancy tried to claim him back, Jeffy begged Mario to let him stay and promised to be a good boy (and kept his promise by not playing the cat piano when he went back inside), indicating that he loves Mario very much.

Jeffy is also a bit of a potty mouth. He possibly got this from his mother who swore at him a lot.

 The Cat Piano

Cat piano toy a piano toy Jeffy plays with in some videos. It is Jeffy's favorite toy. It was once destroyed because Mariothrew it out the window, but Rosalina bought Jeffy a new one in Jeffy's Birthday.

The Cat Piano is actually called the "Meowsic Keyboard", and it can be found at Target if you ever want to play it.

Likes and Dislikes


  • Pooping in his pants
  • Marshmallows on pancakes
  • Playing his Cat Piano
  • Toys
  • Prank calls
  • Pencils
  • Green beans with string cheese
  • Guns
  • Spanking his diaper
  • Police
  • Mario
  • Saying the word "Faggot"
  • Making a grunt noise
  • The Bunny Do
  • Rosalina
  • Throwing stuff
  • Kicking everyone out of the house
  • Halloween
  • Board games
  • Chocolate cake
  • Bowser Junior
  • Cody
  • Joseph
  • Thanksgiving
  • Putting his "peepee" in various things
  • Lying
  • His Pooperman shirt
  • Black Tar Heroin
  • Cheesecake
  • Fidget Spinner
  • Drawing pictures
  • Indiana Jones
  • Pretending to be The Poop Monster
  • "Boobies"
  • Money
  • Swearing
  • Making animal noises
  • Giraffes
  • Santa Claus
  • Cookies
  • Telling the truth
  • Music playing in his crib
  • Elephants
  • Dropping the F-bomb on people (especially Mario)
  • Misbehaving
  • Melvin (Pee Pee Suck 2/Poop Butt)
  • His Giant Inflatable Duck
  • Peeing on Mario
  • Shower
  • Nancy (Formerly)
  • Bee
  • His Chop Saw
  • Rapping
  • Tyrone Calvin Nutkiss
  • Black Yoshi
  • Painting on the fence
  • SpongeBob Moves In
  • His iPad
  • Destroying green beans
  • Slapping women and sending them to bed
  • Chicken Nuggets
  • Adventure (Possibly)
  • Throwing cartons of milk, saying that they slipped
  • Mickey Mouse
  • Roast Beef
  • Pizza
  • Beating his meat


  • Green Beans (a lot)
  • Peas
  • Toilets, mainly when they're flushed (this frightens Jeffy)
  • Being called a "bad boy" or a "bad "
  • Spankies (Which he oddly considers Rape)
  • Gummies (in Mario The Babysitter "BLOOPERS")
  • Animals
  • Bees
  • The Ticket Blaster (in Jeffy's Birthday!)
  • The Bunny Do song stopping
  • Jeff The Killer ("hippopotamus")
  • Scary Ostriches
  • Lollipops
  • A million dollars
  • Pieces of gum
  • Gummy worms
  • Gumballs
  • Getting the flu
  • Flu shots
  • Getting punished
  • Coke
  • His shirt running away from him
  • Getting underpaid for his teeth
  • His helmet running away from him
  • School
  • Teachers
  • Homework
  • Nazi Cheeseburger
  • Nancy Jeffy
  • Evil Bathwater Bubbles
  • Taking a bath or shower
  • Snow
  • Balloons popping
  • Nazis
  • Dead Bodies 
  • Being Grounded
  • People stealing his money
  • Flies

Forms and Variations

Sick Jeffy

Sick Jeffy is a form of Jeffy with the flu, taking way greater effect than normal would with other characters such as Mario, and having a chance of giving others the flu. His appearance also changes to rundown, tired, and overall extremely droopy.

Smart Jeffy

Smart is a form of Jeffy, appearing only in the episode of the same name, who is incredibly smart compared to his normal form, due to his pencil having impaled his brain because of a freak accident indirectly caused by Junior. However, at the end of the video, Jeffy sneezed, blowing his pencil out back down his nose, leaving a hole in his brain, and reverting him to his normal form.


A rapper form of Jeffy that sings the song "Why?." He has gotten arrested twice; the first time for shooting an elderly woman and opening up somebody's mail, the second time for slapping a girl.

Emo Jeffy

Emo Jeffy is a more depressed version of Jeffy with emo clothing and hair.

Joy Jeffy

SteinbeckstaringatJunior WHAT IS IT?!

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Sadness Jeffy

Anger Jeffy

Green Bean Jeffy

Due to the Green Bean Giant being angry at for not eating green beans, he cursed Jeffy and turned him into a human-size green bean. The curse eventually wore off after Jeffy ate a whole plate of green beans, reverting him to his normal state. This is the primary reason why Jeffy no longer complains about green beans.

Banana Jeffy

Due to the fact that Jeffy has a yellow butterfly in his stomach, he turned into a banana. After Mario and Does Bad Things Guy, who was thought as Brooklyn Guy at that time, escaped from the banana (Jeffy), Does Bad Things Guy injected Banana Jeffy with a banana to human serum, which can turn any banana back into a human.

Redneck Jeffy

Redneck Jeffy is the form of Jeffy with a Redneck brain in his skull. After Jeffy sneezed his brain out, the doctor accidentally dropped his brain in his recycled brain bin, and they had to spent 8 hours picking out random brains, one of the brains was the Redneck brain. He wears a Mexican hat, rattles a Cha Cha, and talks in a Southern accent.

Drawing/Play-Doh Jeffy

Drawing Jeffy is a clone of Jeffy that he accidentally created by saying "Doodle doodle pencil fart!". Junior traps him into a piece of paper, and he is not seen until Jeffy Sneaks Out, where Jeffy accidentally revives him with Play-Doh. He is shot and killed by Mario.

Jeffy App Salesman

Although not a form of Jeffy, it is an identical person, looking and talking exactly like him, aside from wearing Marx glasses.



Mario is Jeffy's adoptive father. Mario has an apparent strong dislike of Jeffy, but deep down, he loves him. This is pretty much confirmed in Jeffy's Parents! However, Jeffy likes Mario. usually calls Mario "Daddy". Mario finally adopted Jeffy after a year in Jeffy's Parents!

Mario was incredibly unhappy that Jeffy was dropped off at his apartment door and loathes the fact he has custody of Jeffy. Mario gets frustrated within nearly every video they appear in together. Most of the time, however, it seems that Jeffy annoys Mario, not on purpose. Mario has tried multiple times to get rid of Jeffy, but to avail. Most of his attempts ended with Jeffy back at Mario's step or in the case of Where's Jeffy?, Mario going back to get Jeffy because he had Rosalina's necklace, only to find out that gave it to a squirrel. In Bowser Junior's Nerf War!, both Mario and Jeffy even made a small cameo appearance right at the end and Mario attacked Jeffy with a Nerf gun. Jeffy gets Mario into trouble often.
Untitled by awfulfanvore-db79gt2

Jeffy with Mario

Although Mario gets annoyed with Jeffy most of the time, he has been shown to care about Jeffy, as shown in Jeffy's Mistake! when Black Yoshi was about to kill Jeffy; in Rosalina's Parents!, Mario gets scared when he assumes Jeffy fell to his death and freaks out when Jeffy gets abducted. It's possible Mario might only care just so Rosalina won't break up with him. Despite all this, they deep down love each other and can't live without one another.

Chef Pee Pee

Jeffy seems to like Chef Pee Pee. Chef Pee Pee, however, does not seem to have patience for Jeffy, almost as much as Mario; for instance, he got annoyed with when Mario and he were trying to get to eat his green beans. Chef Pee Pee also seemed upset when ruined the pencil cake Chef Pee Pee made for him in Jeffy's Birthday!.


Jeffy and Rosalina seem to get along well, especially on Rosalina's side. She copies Jeffy a lot. Jeffy usually calls Rosalina "Mommy" just like how he calls Mario "Daddy". Rosalina acts like a deep motherly figure to Jeffy, to the point of sometimes caring more about Jeffy, and calling Mario out whenever he abuses Jeffy, even breaking up with Mario when he heartlessly let Jeffy go with Nancy. He will yell at her occassionally if he does not get his way.

Brooklyn T. Guy

Most of the time, the Brooklyn Guy doesn't seem to mind and cares about Jeffy, as shown in episodes such as Mario The Babysitter!, Jeffy's Bad Word!, Jeffy Goes To The Zoo! and Locked Out. However, in the third episode of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?, Brooklyn Guy is shown to get annoyed with Jeffy's behavior.

Bowser Junior

Considering how widely popular and revelant both characters are, Jeffy and Bowser Junior are very good friends. They enjoy hanging out with each other and make a good team. When both Jeffy and Junior met for the first time in Bowser Junior's Game Night 3, Junior called Jeffy awesome for surviving a game of Russian Roulette. Jeffy was indirectly also the reason for Mario and Junior permanently recognizing each other starting from that episode, and he also seems to like Junior. As of recently, both Junior and seem to get along more, as shown in Shrek The Babysitter! and Smart Jeffy. Junior even caused the main plot elements of Smart Jeffy and Jeffy Loses His Teeth!, wherein he made jump from a trampoline and hit a table in the former, and accidentally knocked one of Jeffy's teeth out with a T-ball bat in the latter.


Jeffy's mom, whose name is Nancy, debuted in Jeffy's Parents!, and she was shown to be very abusive towards him, to a much higher extent than Mario was. Nancy acted like she cared about him when people were around, but when they were alone she would always beat him. Nancy eventually got arrested and Jeffy ended up getting adopted by Mario. In the trailer of SuperMarioLogan The Movie!, It was possible Jeffy was kidnapped by Nancy since she escaped prison.

Jacques Pierre François

Not much is known about Jeffy's relationship with his dad, world-renowned French painter Jacques Pierre François, who had died after committing suicide in pursuit of his art. Due to the fact that Jeffy's "IF LOST" paper contains Jacques's name and address information, this could imply that Jacques used to care about Jeffy. Jeffy has also claimed that he learned basic French from his father.


In Jeffy's Sister!, it was revealed that Jeffy has a sister named FeebeeJeffy and Feebee are very similar in character, with nearly the exact same traits. They can even communicate to each other through diaper patting, somehow. However, because she has, so far, only appeared in Jeffy's dream, some speculate that because she was not dropped off along with Jeffy, Feebee either possibly never had been dropped off, never existed in the first place, or may probably be even dead.


Jeffy seems to be the most controversial SML character ever created and has been panned a lot by many SML fans, including Dabhdude and GamecubeDude300. People truly criticize the fact that he tortures Mario in some videos. People have even suggested that should go back with his real parents in the video "Jeffy's Parents!", getting rid of him permanently (a few have gone even far as to suggest killing him off).

Despite the character's polarized reception received so far, other fans have argued that Jeffy's negative reception is mostly due to Jeffy's Bad Word!, in particular, which has gone on to become of the most infamous and controversial SML Movies to date, because of  Jeffysaying faggot and annoying Mario for half the video. They essentially argue that ever since the release of this controversial episode, they automatically reject any episode that has Jeffy in it at all; for example, many fans point out that haters complained about Rosalina's Parents! for having Jeffy in it, despite the fact that only had about one minute of screen time and was not even the main focus of the episode. Locked Out also fueled Jeffy's negative reception, becoming the most disliked SML video of all time, beating Jeffy's Bad Word! with over 4,000 dislikes. This makes them the two most disliked videos.

Just to note, not everyone hates Jeffy, and this has been pointed out by Logan. While most people dislike to some extent, a few people, particularly in the YouTube comments enjoy his appearances. Some people can also like him if he is being a "good boy."

After Jeffy's Parents!, fans reconsidered their opinions on because his mother made him the way he is, finally recovering his former mixed to positive reactions, with the exception of some fans, such as GameCubeDude300.

Unfortunaly, Jeffy's reception declined once again after his appearance in Jeffy's Tantrum!, when he starts acting like an idiot to Mario and tried to kill himself because he wouldn't get the Spongebob game on his iPad. However, others were glad that Mario refused to cave into Jeffy's demands,

Luckily, his positive reception returned after Bowser Junior's Playtime 5! where he was considered acting funny during the playtime scenes.

Nowadays, Jeffy seems to be the most popular character among younger fans, who would criticize a video without the appearance of Jeffy, causing the 2017 remake of Toad's Mistake! and Attack Of The Killer Shrimp! to receive a decent amount of negative reviews from those fans. However, despite what is stated above, there are still many more older Jeffy haters than fans, due to Jeffy continuing to treat Mario poorly, contradicting his promise in Jeffy's Parents! to become a good boy.


  • Many fans complained by saying that Jeffy is offensive and that he makes a mockery out of those with low-functioning autism. Logan has stated himself that is supposed to be funny like Chef Poo Poo, not mentally disabled. However, numerous people have explained valid points on how Jeffy is mentally disabled, and have disliked Logan for this.
    • Many people believe that Jeffy is in the autism spectrum, or is mentally challenged in general is because in Jeffy's Stupid Home Video, when the video of Mario torturing Jeffy was live on America's Stupid Home Videos, Brooklyn T. Guy states that Mario was beating up a mentally disabled child, whom he referred to as Jeffy. Furthermore, Jeffy says he is "autistic" when trying to describe himself as artistic in Drawing Jeffy!. In Bowser Junior Kinda Goes Camping!, when Jeffy is invited to "camp" with Junior and his friends, he responds with "I'm down... syndrome."

Mario has also called him a retard on multiple occasions, though he may not mean it in the literal sense.

  • Numerous SML fans don't like Jeffy because he only exists to make Mario miserable. This is a mistake that Brooklyn T. Guy has made in Jeffy's Stupid Home Video!.
    • It has not been confirmed if Jeffy is mentally disabled and retarded.
    • In Jeffy's Homework!, Jeffy is revealed to attend "Special Needs School", despite the fact Logan has said Jeffy is not disabled. This has since been changed to Jeffy attending the same school as everyone else, suggesting that he is simply extremely unintelligent rather than mentally retarded.
  • In Jeffy Gets Bullied!, it is revealed that Jeffy's belief that 8=4=8 is now being taught as fact, under the name "Jeffy's Law."
  • Jeffy's original address is 7 Street, Paris, France.
  • In Jeffy's Parents!, it is revealed that:
    • Jeffy's biological parents are Jacques Pierre François and Nancy.
    • He has been constantly abused by Nancy, his mother. (which in turn may be the reason for him treating Mario badly)
    • Jeffy is 12 years old, and he is of French descendant.
  • It is likely that Jeffy's actual name is François.
  • In the Pokémon series, Jeffy owns a Cookie Monster and somehow taught it Thunderbolt.
  • Despite being slightly unintelligent, Jeffy is still able to do many impressive acts, such as accurately painting the Mona Lisa on his Easter egg, finding a golden egg even though Mario threw it away, saying the full alphabet backward, and getting random articles of clothing out of thin air.
  • Jeffy is first seen without his helmet in Where's Jeffy?.
  • Jeffy sometimes speaks normally, and sometimes in 3rd person.
  • Jeffy is so far the only character to strike the same identical pose in the videos' custom thumbnails. So far, he has used two, one that lasted from his debut up to Jeffy's Mistake!, and another that lasted from the aforementioned video onwards.
  • His theme song is Doh De Oh by Kevin MacLeod.
  • Jeffy has his own unofficial Facebook page and an Instagram page.
  • In Jeffy's Birthday!, it is revealed that Jeffy's birthday is on August 21, and his birth year (2004) was revealed in Jeffy's Parents! after the other half of his "IF LOST" paper was recovered.
  • The puppet can be found on the Etsy website. The puppet on Etsy costs $500.
  • According to some fans, he is similar to Billy from "The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy" as both like to put stuff in their noses.
  • Jeffy is seen with his eyes bulging in Jeffy's Stupid Home Video!, Jeffy Sleepwalks!, Jeffy's Birthday!, Jeffy's Sister!, and more (including one eye).
  • From September 22, 2016, until September 27, 2016, SML was selling t-shirts for $19.99 USD and $26.11 Canadian dollars. This was revealed in Jeffy's Sister!.
  • Jeffy is afraid of ostriches and lollipops.
  • It is revealed that one of Jeffy's favorite treats is chocolate cake in Locked Out.
  • YouTuber GameCubeDude300 has a strong dislike for Jeffy, but gave him a chance to be funny after he reacted to Jeffy's Homework!.
  • In the First Day Of School!Jeffy is in second grade, so many people thought his age was 7 or 8. Despite being 12 years old, he is in the second grade. It could be possible Jeffy has been held back due to being retarded.
  • Even though his name has a uppercase J on it, Jeffy prefers the J lowercased like this "j".
  • It is possible that Jeffy puts his pencil in his nose because Jacques Pierre François got famous for putting paint in his nose and sneezing it out.
  • In Jeffy's Bathtime!, it is revealed that is aquaphobic, meaning to be afraid of water.
  • Early jeffy

    The early version of Jeffy seen in the video.

    Eleven seconds in, you can see a possible early version of Jeffy in the SuperLuigiLogan video, Puppet Closet!
  • Jeffy has changed quite a bit since his first appearance in Mario the Babysitter!.
    • Jeffy used to bang his head on the nearest surface whenever he was called a bad boy, but this seems to have subsided.
    • In his first appearance, he was unaware that his pencil was in his nose. In recent videos, he knows that his pencil is in his nose.
    • In earlier videos, whenever he would pat his diaper, he would not respond to anything, though this has changed.
    • In his first appearance, his voice sounded way more different than his new recent voice from March 2016.
  • Jeffy became 13 (a teenager) on the day of the 2017 American Solar Eclipse.


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