Jeffy's Bedtime! is the 209th video of SML Movies.


It is time for Jeffy to go to bed!


The episode starts with Jeffy playing a jack-in-the-box. Mario and Rosalina are annoyed. Then Mario tells Jeffy to stop, but he does not listen. He then asks what is inside. Mario says there is a monkey inside the box! Jeffy plays it more, making Curious George pop out again, resulting in Mario taking it away, saying that he has to go to bed. Mario puts Jeffy to bed. Then, Mario and Rosalina are having some adult time, then Jeffy interrupts with his jack-in-the-box, and he says that it's too dark. Mario puts a nightlight in Jeffy's room. Rosalina puts a flashlight in Jeffy's room. Mario and Rosalina are back to having some adult time. Jeffy interrupts again, saying that he did not get a bedtime story. Mario says he is too old for a bedtime story, but Rosalina says he should, so Mario and Rosalina read Jeffy "Green Eggs and Ham". Jeffy wants Green Eggs and Ham, so Mario and Rosalina try to make it, and then they succeed. Jeffy then turns to a page, saying that the guy in the book is a liar, because he said he likes Green Eggs and Ham, but he only ate the eggs. Jeffy does not want the Green Eggs and Ham because he said the guy was a liar. Mario and Rosalina try to have adult time, but Jeffy says that a monster pooped his pants. Mario puts a baby monitor in Jeffy's room. They both watch Jeffy through it.

What Jeffy did on the baby monitor

  • He spanked his diaper (as usual)
  • He sniffed his hand, and wiped his butt with it (which annoyed Mario).
  • He thought the baby monitor was talking to him
  • He thought Mario was trapped in the baby monitor, so he hit the baby monitor.

Mario and Rosalina come back, saying why Jeffy knocked down the baby monitor. Jeffy says it is too late, and says that the monster pooped his diaper. Later, Mario and Rosalina had to sleep with Jeffy, and Jeffy made weird noises while sleeping, ending the episode.

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  • This is the first time we see Jeffy without his regular clothes on.
  • It is shown that Jeffy has a bratty side in this episode when he demands that Mario an Rosalina make him green eggs and ham.
  • At the end of the video, it's been announced that Bowser Junior Goes To Military School! Part 1 is currently being in production. 
  • The Green and Eggs Ham that Mario made for Jeffy was made of Play-Doh. 
  • Jeffy shows another sign of intelligence when he calls the unnamed character in "Green Eggs and Ham" (as in, the one who isn't Sam-I-Am) a liar because he said he liked Green Eggs and Ham, but only ate one of the eggs
  • This is Jeffy's 7th appearance.


  • If you look closely under Jeffy's bed, you can see a monster claw, when Mario and Rosalina said there are no monsters. Or this could just be an error and be Jeffy's blanket.
  • Jeffy wears pajamas anytime he's seen in bed, but in the thumbnail, he has his regular clothes on instead.
  • At the very end of the book Green Eggs and Ham, the guy who ate all of the green eggs and ham ate everything that was on the plate. Jeffy thought the guy was a liar because he didn't touch his ham.