Jeffy's Cellphone! is the 223rd video of SML Movies.


Mario decides to get Jeffy a cellphone!


The episode starts off with Jeffy screaming for help in a room. Mario is trying to ignore this, before Rosalina stops by and goes to the bathroom. She finds Jeffy and demands Mario to explain why Jeffy was locked in the bathroom for hours. Mario revealed that he didn't know Jeffy was locked in the bathroom and that he thought Jeffy's screaming was from the neighbors or a lawnmower. Rosalina decides that Jeffy should have a cellphone in case of an emergency, but Mario disagrees and says that Jeffy would be too irresponsible. Mario then gets an idea and buys a walkie-talkie. After explaining what a walkie-talkie is to Jeffy, he goes to his room and continuously annoys Mario by making noises. Rosalina and Mario decided that was a bad idea and get Jeffy a flip phone. When Mario mentions that he can put it up to his ears and mouth, Jeffy snaps the phone in two. Mario and Rosalina then go back to the store to get Jeffy an iPhone. Jeffy learns his favorite contacts on his phone. Then, he goes to his room and continuously messages and calls Mario, whilst sending pictures to Rosalina of him drinking bleach and his excretion. Reluctantly, Mario responds to Jeffy's phone call and tells him to play games on his iPhone. Jeffy accepts that Mario does not want to talk to him, so he prank calls various people. Then, he calls a prostitute, in Mario's name, to come to his apartment. The prostitute shows up and explains to Mario why she is here. Rosalina becomes furious and repeatedly spanks Mario.



Jeffy's Cellphone received very negative reviews by fans and critics alike. Many fans disliked the ending where Rosalina beat up Mario and possibly dumped him, even though he did nothing wrong. This video is one of many responsible for Jeffy's overall negative reception by fans as well, since the character never received any consequences for his actions. In addition, people also thought this episode was a ripoff to Bowser Junior's Cellphone. The phonecall scenes were met with mixed reception, many saying they were pointless and annoying filler. However, some people liked Jeffy's prank calls scene.

The SML Analyst gave the episode an extremely negative review, saying that the overall episode had many antics used in past episodes, and despised the prank call scenes and the ending. He says that he did not laugh once during the video.


  • The episode ended on a cliff hanger regarding Mario and Rosalina's relationship. It was likely that Mario explained the situation or apologized, since the two have re-appeared many times since.
  • Logan had to censor the phone numbers to avoid the stores from keep getting prank calls. However, this resulted in a portion of the subtitles being blurred out.
  • Running gag: Jeffy telling Josh from Pizza Hut that he had called the wrong number.


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