Jeffy's Fidget Spinner! is the 301st episode of SML Movies.


Mario buys Jeffy a fidget spinner so he will stop being annoying!


The video starts off with Jeffy playing his cat piano. Jeffy and Mario then decide to mock each other, and Mario sees a fidget spinner commercial, and the commercial says that you will shut up if you play with it. Mario gets Jeffy a fidget spinner, and Jeffy shuts up, until the fidget spinner stops, and Mario has to spin it again for Jeffy.

Meanwhile, Junior is seen stabbing Baymax, he then answers the door for Joseph and Cody. They start making fun of him for not having a fidget spinner like they. Junior says he'll get one. The scene then cuts to Chef Pee Pee cooking blindfolded. He attempts to throw two eggs at the pot, but his aim ends up being way off, so they crack all over the top of the stove. Junior then asks Chef Pee Pee if he has a fidget spinner, but Chef Pee Pee gets a beer bottle, tells Junior it is a "limited edition fidget spinner" and Junior takes it.

Jeffy is seen with his fidget spinner on his nose, then on his helmet and somehow takes off, then he has it on his crotch, Mario doesn't want to spin it, but Jeffy insists, so Mario keeps spinning it anyway. Mario goes to the bathroom, and Junior sees that Jeffy has a fidget spinner, so Junior knocks Jeffy out with the beer bottle that Chef Pee Pee gave him. Mario then tries to find Jeffy's fidget spinner after he comes back from the restroom, so Jeffy doesn't play with his cat piano. Mario calls the store and asks if they still have fidget spinners in stock, but the fidget spinner employee laughs at Mario, while playing with a fidget spinner. Junior shows Joseph and Cody his fidget spinner but they say it's lame, and play with bendy straws. This causes Junior to furiously throw the fidget spinner onto the ground, causing it to break.

Mario finds fidget spinner and sees that it is completely destroyed, worrying that Jeffy will lots of noise. This completely ruins his happiness. When Mario miserably goes to the living room, he sees Jeffy looking at the ceiling fan, and then realizes that Jeffy doesn't need a fidget spinner (meaning that this story is pointless). Jeffy then says he is going to stick his "peepee" in the ceiling fan, ignoring Mario advising against it.



This video absolutely blew up on YouTube, receiving millions of views in just days. One day after upload, the video had over 3 million views, and three days after, it had 4.5 million views. It also had numerous likes and comments, and got SML the most subs in one day, with over 25,000.

Despite so many requests for this video, it received mostly negative reviews by fans who despite praising the main plot with Mario and Jeffy having a few funny moments, criticized the subplot where Joseph and Cody act very cruel to Junior for not having the Fidget Spinner, and then bullying him for getting a fidget spinner and not having a bendy straw.

However, a lot of Bowser Junior haters liked this aspect of the video. Older fans reacted to it negatively, criticizing the video for being based on the fidget spinner trend and Mario's return to his personality in Jeffy videos, and Jeffy and Junior being in another video instead of the older characters. The return of the Big Hero 6 joke was also panned, as it is a joke that is overused in the latest video. Most fans, didn't criticize it for being bland and boring and just being another mediocre Jeffy video, but the fact that Logan decided to upload something, mostly for revenue and not for actual story or character. Fans who have requested this video have found it to be disappointing, since they found the episode they have requested to turn out to be a video with little to no humour in it. Some fans have even went as far as calling it the worst video of all time for SML.

Even Nick Samon didn't like the video because he said fidget spinners are getting old after he watched the video but he praised the bendy straw part.

MAFDOMiNUS gave this 0/5 stars and the Jurassic Park Seal of Shitsproval, saying this episode was horrible and proves SML is gullible.


  • This video was requested by many newer fans, according to Logan it was requested hundreds of times
  • This video had no cursing this time.
  • This is the second time Junior's friends tease Junior for not having something that they have, and ditch that item when Junior finally receives one. The first was in Bowser Junior's Nintendo 3DS!.
  • Jeffy did not throw a temper tantrum, nor curse in this episode.
    • It was instead Junior who threw a temper tantrum
  • This episode had a BTS on Chilly's channel.
  • This video holds the record for the highest peak on Trending on YouTube, reaching a peak of #3.
  • This is similar to Bowser Junior's Nintendo 3DS, as Joseph and Cody tease Junior for not having a New Nintendo 3DS. In the end, Joseph and Cody start saying that the 3DS isn't cool anymore, with them playing the original Game Boy instead, much to the frustration of Junior.
  • The Fidget Spinner employee is Tito, who is often seen on Chilly's channel.
  • The fidget spinner employee's office has computers that run Windows XP as seen in the background.
  • The reason why Big Hero 6 joke was panned is because it is getting old by being overused in multiple videos, and everyone started to dislike the joke, however at least this time it was carried out in a completely new way.
  • There was a YouTube Poop called "Jeffy's Fidget Spinner!" made before the video
  • This the final video of May 2017.


  • The beginning of the video got cut off in editing, so Bingo starts playing abruptly.
  • In the description, it says "sop" instead of stop.
  • When Junior throws the fidget spinner, one piece falls off, but when Mario finds it, the fidget spinner is completely destroyed.
  • Jeffy gets knocked out by a glass bottle even though he's wearing a helmet.

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