Jeffy's Fun Day! (formerly SuperMarioLogan the Movie!) is the 287th video of SML Movies and the 2017 April Fools Day special.



It is here! SuperMarioLogan The Movie!! A full hour long SML Movie!


APRIL FOOLS 2017! Originally titled SuperMarioLogan The Movie! This video has triggered over 20,000 people!


The video starts with Jeffy spanking his diaper on the red couch and then he gets bored, so he goes outside to spread white paint on the fence and he thinks it looks pretty and then he sat down to watch the paint dry for almost an hour. He then says "Wow" at the sight of it being dry, and then goes back inside. After the SML Question, Jeffy says it's April Fools and asks if we watched the whole video. If we did watch the whole video, Jeffy says his famous line, "Why you do that?"



In general Jeffy's Fun Day! recieved polarized reviews from critics and fans. Some fans were tricked while others got the joke before watching. Some people did not like video while others did. The reviews were all over the place; those who hated it despised and loathed it, and other though it was funny.

The fans who fell for the trick were the ones who hated the video, and disliked it because they got tricked. They saw the thumbnail thinking it was the movie, but failed to remember that it was April 1, and most fans watched it on April 2, due to the video being posted at late night time. Therefore they were mad at Logan. However, unlike other videos that got negative feedback, this video didn't have as many fans hate, but those who did hated it so much. This is the first most disliked SML video, with about close to 40, 000 dislikes.

On the other hand, there were many fans who either knew instantly that the video was fake and were not click baited, or those who thought the entire joke was actually creative. No SML video has ever received this much complication throughout the fan base, many were just upset that other fans who got "fooled" were so upset themselves. Many reaction channels took the joke with a grain of salt, such as Gamecubedude300, 8owser 16, and Kushowa as well as others. The fans of this video were also patient ones who know the real movie is upcoming.

Despite the negative feedback, the YouTube video still has more likes than dislikes while the community is more expressive about the fact that they were tricked.


The video became controversial among those who panned the joke and fell for it while not noticing that it is April 1st (which was April fools day) those who did not pan the joke did not exactly find it upsetting and was not controversial among them.

Logan's Response

Logan was in Chicago, IL when the video was uploaded (In a Chilly Vlog). After the video was uploaded, Logan changed the thumbnail and the title of the video from what it originally was. Logan didn't seem upset from the feedback, possibly because enough people liked the joke, but he did assure the public that the real SuperMarioLogan Movie might be out by the end of April, as seen in a pinned comment.


  • This makes the five most hated SML episodes that have Jeffy in them.
    • This also makes Jeffy's poor reception return again, while Nancy still does beat him as the most hated, Jeffy has starred in most of the more hated SML episodes.
  • The SuperMarioLogan movie couldn't have been made yet because Logan had said before that he needs the Golden Play Button, and in a Chilly vlog, it would go in 8–12 weeks. (Late May/Early June; around the time he hits 2,000,000 subscribers.) There would also have to be a few trailers before a "movie" releases.
    • On April 17, 2017 Logan officially recieved the Golden Play Button, meaning the real movie will release very soon.
  • So far, this is the longest video ever released on this channel.
  • This is the only video that goes for an hour.
    • This is also the longest video of 2017 so far, beating Joseph Moves In! by 39 minutes.
  • This is the only video that only has Jeffy in it.
  • This is the only video where one or more characters that are on the thumbnail don't make an appearance in the video.
  • This video does not have any music in it, not including the SML Question Music.
  • This video was filmed and produced entirely by Lance Thirtyacre, because Logan was in Minneapolis and Chicago when this was filmed. 
  • This is the first SML video of 2017 to be panned by many fans and critics and the first to be still unbalanced, but polarized in a well challenged way.
  • Even though it's an April video, Logan is still giving out a Nintendo Switch.
  • Jeffy watched the paint dry for 59 minutes and 6 seconds.
  • Logan had teased the April Fools Day video in an early Chilly's vlogs video.
  • The paint that Jeffy painted was different than what he watched. Jeffy was looking at a more smoothly shaped paint.
  • Jeffy has a weird nail on his middle finger on the current thumbnail.
  • If you skip over large parts of the video, you can see all the shadows appearing in different places.
  • This is the first SML video of April 2017 and the fourth April Fools Day video.
  • This video marked a rare occasion where every character in the video was happy throughout the video and had a happy ending.
  • This is panned by most SML Fans, such as SuperMarioLoganFan2014, who considers it the worst SML video in history.
  • A few SML fans did watch the whole thing, some thought it was a really creative April Fools Joke, others thought that Logan went too far with the trolling and click bait. (Especially Mama Luigi fans.)
  • This video appears to be becoming the most hated SML video, reaching over 21,000 dislikes, which surpasses Jeffy's Bad Word! and Locked Out!.
  • For some reason, at 59:29 there is a scream.
  • This is the first and currently only April Fools' Day special with Jeffy in it.
  • This is the second click-baited SML Movie. The first is Bowser Junior Orders A Pizza!.
  • In addition to the clickbait, another key reason Dabhdude hated this video so much was the fact that Logan backed out of the livestream that Dabhdude and SML Reviewer were going to do with him because of this video.
  • During the April Fools Joke. 48,000 people got fooled while 24,000 people got triggered and took the joke seriously.
  • Jeffy's Fun Day is the longest Jeffy video ever created. Also, the thumbnail changed. *Original Thumbnail.
    SuperMarioLogan The Movie!

    SuperMarioLogan The Movie!

    This is the second video that has only one voice actor voicing in this and that person was Lance. The first video that had only one voice actor was The Bird.
  • Mario and Rosalina may be out for a date in this video.
  • This is the first SML Video in 2017 to only have one character.
  • This is the first time Jeffy appears without Mario.


  • Paint dries for less than an hour.
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