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Jeffy's Sister​! is the 237th episode of SML Movies.


Jeffy's Sister comes to visit.


Jeffy wants Mario to put his Pooperman shirt on, because he wants to wear it, but Mario refuses to let him wear the shirt, and tells Jeffy that he can no longer wear it because everytime he wears it he poops himself. Mario then asks why he wears a diaper on the outside of his pants and Jeffy replies "So, my diaper won't get dirty." Mario argues that Jeffy's pants will get dirty and he asks to wear the diaper on the inside of his pants. That way, his pants won't get dirty.

Suddenly, there is a knock at the door and Mario walks to the door to answer it, assuming that it is Rosalina. However it is instead, much to Mario's shock and horror, another retarded kid named Feebee (she is presented with a note that reads "Sorry....AGAIN"). Horrified, Mario asks Jeffy who this person is, whom Jeffy explains to be Feebee, his sister. Mario immediately calls the cops, in hopes that he'll arrest them. However, when the cop shows up, he finds no valid reason to actually arrest them. The officer then leaves, leaving Mario stuck with both of them.

A short time later, Rosalina finally arrives, and Mario describes the horrific events that occurred earlier that day. The two find Jeffy in the toilet attempting to poop in the toilet (with his "Pooperman" shirt tucked into his diaper) and Mario asks Jeffy where Feebee is: however, Jeffy declines any knowledge about Feebee. Rosalina leaves, believing that Mario might be going insane.

Later, Jeffy and Feebee (revealed to have been hiding in the kitchen for some reason) start crying and banging their heads on the couch and then they start spanking their diapers again as Mario joins in. Suddenly, we zoom into Jeffy's ear and Jeffy wakes up from his bed at 3AM, revealing that the entire scenario was a dream. He tells Mario that he has a sister named Feebee. Tired, Mario tells Jeffy that he likely doesn't have a sister and rolls back over and goes back to sleep. Jeffy (using his "diaper" language), saying "Yes I do, her name is FEEBEE, and my mom's name is..." at this point, however, the episode immediately cuts to the SML Question, leaving the identity of Jeffy's mom to be revealed.

The fact that the episode was a dream is a reminder that Feebee was not rescued along with Jeffy. Many viewers assumed that Feebee was killed by her mother, was never dropped off, or never existed.



  • This episode marks the only appearance of Feebee, due to negative reviews of this video, Feebee was never to appear in another SML video again because of her being very unlikable, as well as an essential copy of Jeffy's character as in the reception said, so Feebee never returned to the SML Movies franchise at all after the negative reception. Or due to the fact that Feebee only appeared in a dream, and was either murdered, never dropped off, or never existed.
  • Trent Morrison first and recently pointed out that Feebee was probably dropped off somewhere else.
  • This episode is shorter than a normal SML Movie, due to Logan and the gang moving into a new house. Which means, this video is one of the last to be filmed in the apartment.
  • The name of Jeffy's Mom was still unknown at the time, but it looks like Jeffy remembers her, and her name, possibly foreshadowing the video about Jeffy's folks.
  • This is the second time the word "Sister" is in the title of an SML video, the first being Cody's Sister!
  • The Pooperman shirt from Jeffy's Mistake! is used again in this episode.
  • This episode reveals that Jeffy's mom's name is two syllables. Many SML fans think it's Daisy. However, it was confirmed on an SML livestream that Daisy is NOT Jeffy's real mom. We were then revealed that Jeffy's mom's name was Nancy in Jeffy's Parents!.
  • This episode ends with a message from Logan about him reaching 900,000 subscribers
  • This is the second time Rosalina betrays Mario, the first being in Jeffy's Bad Word!
  • This is similar to the Pinky Dinky Doo episode The Two Daffinies where Daffinie's cousin visits and she competes with her.[1]
  • It is revealed that Jeffy knows morse code, as he communicates with Feebee by spanking their diapers, which some smart people know, so he was probably being stupid just to annoy Mario.
  • At the end Logan talked about hitting 500,000 subscribers!
    • However, this may not last.


  • When Jeffy and Feebee communicate by spanking their diapers, this is an actual reference to a Juicy Fruit commercial where a family communicates by making noises with zippers.[2]
  • Pooperman parodies Superman.


  • The description spells "Jeffy Sister" when it should of been "Jeffy's Sister."
  • It is unknown how the Pooperman shirt from Jeffy's Mistake is in Jeffy's own dream, due to the fact that the Pooperman shirt from Jeffy's Mistake was in Mario's dream thus, the Pooperman shirt never really existed.
    • It's possible that Rosalina could've got a real life Pooperman shirt, or maybe she got it in real life, before the events of Jeffy's Mistake.


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