Jeffy's Special Easter! is the 195th video of SML Movies.


Happy Easter! Jeffy spends his first Easter with Mario and Rosalina!


Jeffy finds out about easter from Mario & Rosalina so they paint eggs. During them painting egg, Mario painted a Yoshi egg and Rosalina painted an egg is yellow and sparkle on it. Jeffy painted Mona Lisa on his egg with his nose. Mario told Rosalina that Jeffy have made a Mona Lisa painting on his egg, so she saw the egg, but only saw it a few second when Jeffy started to break the egg with his helmet. Then Mario hides the golden egg to meet the Easter Bunny. Mario got in the car and he throw the golden egg down to the river at a highway bridge. Back at the apartment Rosalina tell Jeffy this the pink egg is in front of him, Mario hustle and tell Rosalina "I put the egg so far away, when Jeffy goes to look for it, we never see him ever again." Rosalina was upset with that. Mario asked Jeffy that if he reedit find the good egg and Jeffy said "Yes, where is it?" Mario said he put it really far away and then Jeffy already found it. Mario was surprise and asked where he found that, so Jeffy only said chicken nose. Mario tell Rosalina how did he find it and Rosalina replied "Mario! That terrible!" So Jeffy asked if he could see the easter bunny now, so Mario said no. Jeffy complaining that he want to see the easter bunny. That Mario give up and be in the Easter Bunny suit. Rosalind like him being in the suit and want to take a picture. Mario said "No!" Mario hopped and asked Jeffy what he want. Instead he said "I found a good boy that found the golden egg!" and also said what he want. So Jeffy want to know why he hide the egg, that Mario in the bunny suit don't know why he hide them. So he said "I don't like egg." So Jeffy added "So you don"t like chicken?" And do chicken noise. Mario told Jeffy name and Mario know everyone name. (not really true) Only on the nice list. Mario repeat that what Jeffy want and Jeffy said the same question. Mario accidentally shakes his hood off and surprise that Mario was the easter bunny and do chicken noise.



  • It is revealed that Jeffy can make good chicken impersonations (But voiced by Anthony), and is also a really good painter.
  • This is the first video with Jeffy's name being in the title.
  • This is the first time Mario and Rosalina argue.
  • This is the first Easter special to focus on Mario, Rosalina and Jeffy.
  • This is the first time Mario lies to Jeffy.
  • The Yoshi Egg being colored black is likely a reference to Black Yoshi.
  • This is the last time to have Jeffy in his original persona from "Mario The Babysitter!". Starting from "Jeffy's Homework!", he has a different persona.
  • It is unknown excactly why the title is called "Jeffy's SPECIAL Easter" rather than "Jeffy's Easter". Some speculations believe that this is because Jeffy is disabled, while it could just have been used since this video is a special.
  • This is the Fourth Overall Appearance of Jeffy
  • The background used in the thumbnail can be found [here|].
  • This is the first video where Jeffy calls Mario "Daddy" foreshadowing the ending of Jeffy's Parents.


  • The paintbrush should have been in the opposite nostril that Jeffy's pencil was in, but instead, the pencil disappeared and it was in that nostril instead, and the paint brush re-appeared in the next scene.
  • Rosalina was out of character, in Mario The Babysitter!, She was afraid of Jeffy. However, in this episode, she seems to care about Jeffy.