"Jeffy's Stupid Home Video!" is the 221st video of SML Movies.


Mario sees that he can win $100,000 if he sends in a stupid home video for a contest!


Jeffy is on the couch playing with a stretcher toy and annoying Mario. Mario then tries to distract himself from Jeffy's stupidity by turning the TV on. The show "America's Stupidest Home Videos" is on, and Brooklyn T. Guy is hosting it. The show presents three videos that were entered in the contest, and the person who entered the winning video won $100,000. Mario realizes that he can make a fortune by recording Jeffy doing something stupid.

He then sees Jeffy hanging by his leg on the ceiling fan, using the string he had just been given and swinging around the fan. He grabs scissors to cut him down, when he realizes he can record him first. So, he grabs the camera and gets it on video. Then explains what he's doing, and shows Jeffy the video. Jeffy thinks he is trapped in the camera and breaks off the part that displays the video on the camera.

Mario still realizes that he has the memory on there, but Jeffy overhears Mario say this, and still thinks he's trapped inside. Jeffy then takes the camera to a toilet and tries to flush it, which ruins it. Mario then, uses his iPhone to get Jeffy to do anything stupid. He asks Jeffy to pat his diaper, but he refuses, and only does so when he's off camera. Mario then gives Jeffy many different items including his own hat, just to get Jeffy to do anything.

But he just refuses, and Mario sends him to bed. He does this so that he can monitor Jeffy in his room if he does anything. Mario waits, and Jeffy doesn't anything except sneeze. Finally, Jeffy knocks down the camera that Mario was monitoring him with, and immediately begins hitting his diaper. This makes Mario very mad, but then Mario manages to capture a video.

Then, they tune into the next week's episode of America's Stupidest Home Videos, to see if they can win. Again, the host introduces himself, and shows the videos. When Mario's video is shown, the host comments on the video negatively. The winner is revealed to be the winner from last week, and Mario is extremely angry that they won two weeks in a row. Finally, Mario tells Jeffy that he lost 100,000 G's ($100,000) to the baby, and Jeffy shows Mario literally "as many G's that were made until he got bored" on paper. Mario is cringing, and the episode ends.



  • It is revealed that the Brooklyn Guy's name is "Brooklyn T. Guy," as hinted in the Military School series.
  • America's Stupidest Home Videos is a spoof of America's Funniest Home Videos.
  • The Baby Monitor from Jeffy's Bedtime! is reused in this video.
  • The horn from Bowser Junior's Broken Leg can be seen when Mario is throwing stuff at Jeffy.
  • Logan stated Jeffy is not retarded many times before, but Brooklyn T Guy said the following when reviewing the home video: "Is that a grown man beating a mentally disabled kid with a hammer?"
  • Jeffy overreacting about being "stuck in the camera" is a reference to Jeffy's Bedtime.


  • In Jeffy Gets Potty Trained!, Jeffy is afraid of the toilet flushing, but when he flushes the camera down the toilet, he is not scared by it. However, it is possible that either Jeffy already got over his fear of the toilet flushing, or Logan just forgot about it.
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