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"Jeffy's Wifi Problem!" is the 359th episode of SML Movies.


Jeffy wants the password for the wifi, but Mario won't give it to him until he has finished his chores!


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The video starts with Jeffy playing Rocket League. Jeffy scores a goal and starts trash talking. Mario then comes into the room and tells Jeffy to do his chores, but Jeffy say's it time for him to do his chores. Mario asks again and Jeffy says he's playing Rocket League and to not disturb him. Mario says he is going to change the wi-fi password if Jeffy doesn't do his chores. Jeffy responds "I don't give a shit", prompting Mario to change the Wi-Fi password from 1234 to ABCD and Black Yoshi’s Call of Duty stops and disconnects. Black Yoshi is horrified, saying "The poofis has been disconnectiss!" Shortly later, Jeffy screams “Daddy!”. Mario comes in and he was notified the “game” Jeffy was playing froze. Jeffy then tells Mario to tell him the new password. Mario continues to tell Jeffy to do his chores, and once Jeffy does his chores, Mario will tell him the new password. Mario then tells Black Yoshi the new password, but tells him not to tell Jeffy.

Jeffy's chores are to do the dishes and dust the whole house.

Once Jeffy begins his chores he starts off with the dishes, he begins throwing plates on the floor, including a mug.

After Jeffy is done with the dishes, he starts dusting the house. Jeffy is first seen beginning dusting the red couch, and the Xbox controller, and whacks Mario with it. Mario gets annoyed by Jeffy when he hits him with the feather duster and asks Jeffy if he's all done with his chores. Jeffy answers yes to the dishes and dusting the whole house. Mario then makes Jeffy see how well he's done on the dishes.

Back in the kitchen, Mario notices that Jeffy didn't wash the dishes, but Jeffy thinks he was only supposed to do the dishes, suggesting only the plates and the mug. Mario asks Jeffy where he put the plates, Jeffy says the cabinet, Mario then checks the cabinet, but nothing is inside. Jeffy then remembered that he put them on the floor. Mario catching along, he looks at the floor only to see the shards of plates scattered all around the kitchen floor. Mario then asks that if Jeffy broke anything else, Jeffy is seen dusting from before in a different room, pushing vases with the feather duster. Mario then tells Jeffy he's not giving him the password.

Jeffy yells at Mario saying he did his chores and deserves the wifi password or else Jeffy will poop in the sink. Jeffy declares to get the Wifi password.

Later, Mario gets a phone call, Jeffy being behind the couch while on the phone acting as an internet company person. Jeffy tells him he has a security breach on his account.



  • This is the first appearance of Black Yoshi in 2018.
  • Jeffy's thumbnail pose from "Jeffy's Tantrum!" and "Jeffy Gets Bullied!" is used again.
  • This is the fourth video of 2018 to have cussing in it. "Jeffy The Rapper 2", "Cody The Vampire!", and "Jeffy's YouTube Channel!" are the other three. Like the latter two, however, it is censored.
  • The foosball table from "Cody's Birthday!" is used again.
  • There was a behind the scenes live stream on Logan's Instagram.
  • This marks the 100th appearance of Jeffy.
  • Based on the controler Black Yoshi was playing with, it came be assumed that he got a PS4 Pro.
  • SML’s rocket league Name is SML JEFFY


  • Wifi passwords can only have a minimum of 8 characters, not 4.


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