"Jeffy Gets Potty Trained!" is the 213th video of SML Movies.


Jeffy needs to learn how to use the toilet!


It started when Jeffy is on a toddler rocker when Rosalina is trying to feed him peas, but Jeffy says no, and she can't give him marshmallows. She calls Mario for help to feed Jeffy some peas, and Jeffy yells at him. Refusing to cooperate, Jeffy shouts and grunts, several times until he farts. Jeffy said that somebody pooped his pants. Mario tells Rosalina to change his diaper, but she did it last time, and Jeffy indicates that it's running up his back. 

Mario takes Jeffy to the bathroom to change his pants because Jeffy said he pooped in it. So, Mario took off Jeffy's diaper and saw that it's a big poop. Jeffy suddenly pees on Mario while he's is trying to wipe him. While he's done, Mario tells Rosalina that Jeffy peed on him, but Jeffy smiles and says "Yep!". Mario comes up with an idea to potty train Jeffy. Jeffy said to Mario that he pooped his pants again, gets called a bad boy and bangs his head against the couch until they carry him to the bathroom. 

In the bathroom, Mario shows Jeffy how to use the toilet, but Jeffy likes to poop and pee in his pants. Mario says that the toilet is made for peeing and pooping, and Rosalina says it's made for eating poop. Jeffy wants to eat poop, but they said no because it's disgusting. Mario then says to Jeffy that the toilet flushes down poop. Rosalina pushes the flush handle, and Jeffy ran because he's scared. Confused, Mario and Rosalina exit the bathroom to look for Jeffy, only to find him hiding under the sofa cushion, making a weird sound that sounds like "Uh Uh!".  

Mario and Rosalina made an idea on how to potty train Jeffy. Mario brought a training toilet for Jeffy, but it has a scary face on it and it's a happy face. Jeffy presses the lever and it lights up, then it says "Yay!". Mario thinks that Jeffy can now flush a real toilet, but once he does it, Jeffy runs away screaming again. Running back to the living room, He hides under the sofa cushion and makes a weird "Uh!" sound again, this time even faster and more intense.  

Jeffy said the toilet wants to eat his butt, hearing voices in his head again. Mario makes an idea that they can get the "How To" books. Mario got "Everybody Potties!", and Rosalina got "Daniel Goes to the Potty" and "The Little Engine That Could", but she wrote poop on the cover. Jeffy wants to read Rosalina's book. She reads the book, and Jeffy thinks he can poop.  

Mario agrees. He puts Jeffy in the bathroom to poop in the toilet. While Jeffy is done pooping, they went to the bathroom and looked at the toilet and saw nothing. Jeffy points to the sink, with a small turd that slid down towards the sinkhole.  

Enraged, Mario duct tapes Jeffy to the toilet seat so he can't escape. Rosalina thinks that he's being too rough on Jeffy, but Mario believes he simply did it in spite. They then hear Jeffy calling to them again, saying that something's touching his ballsack. Once they come in, they see that the whole bathroom is filled with toilet paper, but Jeffy still strapped to the toilet. They take him out of the duct tape, look into the toilet, only to find it empty yet again. When Mario asks where it is, Jeffy silently points to the bathtub, which there's a turd in it.  

To his disbelief, Mario accuses Jeffy of doing it, only to get an answer from his cat piano. Just as he is about to give up, Rosalina comes up with a better idea: A litter box! Mario and Rosalina put Jeffy's poop in the bag from the litter box. Jeffy comes by and asks why Mario is taking his poop, and that if he's actually a toilet. Unable to respond, Mario walks away crying. 



  • At 8:20, you can see part of Jeffy's cat piano before the video shows it.
  • At several points in the episode, it is shown that Rosalina is starting to lose patience with Jeffy to the points of wanting to get rid of him as much as Mario.
  • Jeffy's bratty side is shown in this episode again when he demands that Rosalina give him marshmallows instead of peas.
  • Edited versions of the thumbnail were seen on Bowser Junior's Awesome Halloween Party, an SML YouTube Poop.
  • After this video was uploaded, Logan made an SLL Update (featuring Chilly) explaining why the series' videos take so long. 
  • This episode appears exactly one year after Switching Bodies!
  • This video marks the debut of Jeffy making the weird "Uh Uh Uh" sound after Mario The Babysitter!
  • This is the 1st time where Rosalina gets frustrated with Jeffy.
  • This is the first time that Jeffy doesn't spank his diaper in a video.
  • Jeffy has a strong dislike for peas. He also had a strong dislike for green beans in Bowser Junior's Game Night 3, but it's subsided since Jeffy And The Beanstalk!
  • This is Jeffy's 8th appearance.
  • Jeffy's pee in the scene when Mario was changing Jeffy's diaper was actually lemonade from a CapriSun mentioned by Logan in a few Chilly vlogs. This video was also Demonetized because of this and later Age-Restricted and then Taken Down.
  • One of the books that Jeffy is given (Daniel Goes To The Potty) is based on an episode of the PBS Kids series Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood, an animated spin-off of Mister Rogers' Neighborhood.
  • The peas that Rosalina gave to Jeffy were actually puréed instead of whole.
  • The video has been taken down by the YouTube Community Guidelines due to Jeffy peeing on Mario when it was actually CapriSun according to Logan in a Chilly vlog. However the strike is now retracted.
  • This is the second SML video to get taken down by the YouTube Community Guidelines, the first being Baby Shrek Episode 1.
    • This is also the first to get Demonetized, Age-Restricted and taken down by the YouTube Community Guidelines. Baby Shrek Episode 1 was Age-Restricted and taken down by the YouTube Community Guidelines.


  • When Mario asked "What's that smell?" when Jeffy farted, he should've said "What's that sound?" instead.
  • Jeffy already knew how to go to the bathroom in Mario The Babysitter!, but he messes up the toilet paper, meaning it's possible that this isn't true. However it was implied that it was a dream so it was probably just his imagination