Jeffy Has Hiccups! is the 45th episode of SML Shorts.


Jeffy has hiccups and Mario tries to get rid of them!



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Mario is sitting on a couch when Jeffy, who is repeatedly hiccuping, asks if he could stick his peepee in a toilet seat. Mario ignores the question and tell Jeffy he has the hiccups. Jeffy asks why, and Mario responds that they come naturally.. Jeffy hiccups again, and Mario tells him to stop. Jeffy keeps hiccuping. Mario tells Jeffy to get rid of the hiccups, he should hold his breath. Jeffy proceeds to do this and then passes out from lack of breath.

Breaking the fourth wall, it skips to a scene where Rosalina is crying over Jeffy's grave beside Mario, while Brooklyn T. Guy says, "Here lies Jeffy, an innocent kid who died because his dad forced him to hold his breath", then showing a scene where SuperMarioLogan's subscriber count goes downhill rapidly.

Then it goes back to Mario, showing he was imagining it. Mario does "CPR" and punches Jeffy in the stomach and does mouth to mouth. Jeffy regains consciousness and thanks Mario, then hiccups again. Mario complains that his hiccups aren't gone yet, and Jeffy shakes his head and hiccups. Mario then calls a doctor, who jabs Mario in the face after being told the emergency was only hiccups, saying that he could be doing surgery and saving lives. Jeffy agrees and whacks Mario on the back of his head. Brooklyn Guy then states that he isn't a hiccup specialist, and Mario asks if those actually exist, and Brooklyn Guy says that he knows one. Mario asks him if he could call the specialist, and he does.

In the next scene Brooklyn Guy returns as a hiccup specialist, saying he went to 5 years of hiccup school, and Mario asks if his parents are proud of him being a that. Brooklyn Guy then proceeds to punch him in the face and says that they aren't. Mario asks how to get rid of hiccups, and Brooklyn Guy says that he has to take a look at Jeffy to see how bad they are. He then proceeds to put his head in Jeffy's mouth and says it smells like pepperoni and it's a really bad case of hiccups. Mario asks how to get rid of them and Brooklyn Guy says "Well usually in a case like this you have to scare him, it's a part of a seven stage process, so basically we're gonna have to BOO! (Jeffy hiccups) Yeah that didn't work. Alright if that didn't work I guess the only thing we're gonna have to do now is BOO! (Jeffy hiccups) Yeah, no, not quite. I'm gonna have to go to my car and get a few things so BOO!," though he fails. Mario asks what stage two is, and Brooklyn Guy answers "Well, stage two is basically BOO! (Jeffy hiccups) Alright, it's not working. Follow me." Mario and Brooklyn Guy leave, then Brooklyn Guy runs in and yells "BOO! (gibberish)" and flails his arms, and Jeffy then hiccups again.

They then move on to Stage 2. Brooklyn Guy then hands Jeffy a balloon and asks if he likes the balloon, but then jump scares him again, but with a creepy baby mask on his head. Jeffy is obviously unchanged, and hiccups again. Brooklyn Guy then says they're going to move to the real Stage 2. Again, he hands Jeffy a balloon and asks if he likes the balloon, but instead of jump scaring Jeffy, he popped the balloon. Jeffy isn't startled, and hiccups again. They move to Stage 3, which is basically Brooklyn Guy acting like a drunk dad coming back from outside. It apparently "gets the kids every time", but Jeffy still has his hiccups. Stage 4 is when Brooklyn Guy attempts to shoot an apple on top of Jeffy's head with a crossbow. Mario is concerned about this idea, and asks what happens if Brooklyn Guy misses, only to get a reply of "It'll shoot right through his head and kill him instantly," Fortunately, Brooklyn Guy shoots right through the apple, but Jeffy still has his hiccups, and worse, the arrow has created a hole in the wall.

Stage 5 goes a whole step further, as Jeffy has to denotate a "bomb", by cutting the right wire. Brooklyn Guy lies about the "bomb" exploding if the wrong wire is cut. Mario is really afraid, and chooses the wire for him. Brooklyn Guy's claims about the bomb is false, because it's not an actual bomb, but Jeffy's hiccups are still there. In Stage 6, Jeffy has to jump off a flying plane without a parachute, and won't survive unless his left hand goes on red on a Twister mat. Jeffy manages to fall and successful land his left hand on red, but his hiccups are still there.

For the last stage (Stage 7), Brooklyn Guy goes to a gas station, buys Jeffy and Mario snacks, and makes them open the bags and consume the food. Brooklyn Guy says he forgot his wallet and thinks he left it at home. Him and Mario start freaking out over it and ask what they can do when they don't have the wallet and have to pay. The cashier says they have to leave.

When they get back home, Brooklyn says that was the scariest thing he knew and doesn't know what else to do. He says he believes Jeffy has incurable hiccups. He tries to scare Jeffy again, but no luck. A fly hovers around and lands on Jeffy's nose, and that scares him and makes him scream! Mario complains about it just being a fly and Jeffy replies with that it tried to eat his face. He also stops hiccuping, and Brooklyn believes that the fly made his hiccups go away. Suddenly, Mario starts hiccuping aswell. Brooklyn heads off to get the crossbow for the Apple Shooting, and proceeds to scare Mario like he did to Jeffy, ending the video.



  • Despite Jeffy not reacting to the balloon popping, in Inside Jeffy, Jeffy freaks out when a balloon is popped. This was done for the plot of this video.
  • This is one of the few times that Jeffy doesn't curse in a video.
  • The fourth wall is broken again. When Jeffy collapses, Mario freaks out, and the screen cuts to Jeffy's funeral and a subscriber drop of SuperMarioLogan, with a comment from both Tito and Chilly regarding killing off Jeffy.
  • The unsubscribing joke is a fandom reference to most subscribers only subscribing/watching SML for the Jeffy videos.
  • This episode reveals Brooklyn T. Guy is a Hiccup Specialist.
  • This episode reveals Jeffy has entomophobia, meaning to be scared of insects.
  • This is the second appearance of the Scary Baby Mask, the first being The Purge.
  • This is the first time Donald shaves his beard.
  • Jeffy's 2nd thumbnail pose returns since Inside Jeffy.
  • Nicktendo made a live action version of this video [[1]]


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