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Jeffy Has Kids! is the 345th episode of SML Movies.


Jeffy has kids with his cheerio box!


The episode starts off with Jeffy telling Mario and Rosalina that the Cheerio box is bloated. At first, Mario doesn't care, but gives in to Jeffy's demand. Brooklyn T. Guy says he had a box-related incident, and says he'll go crazy if it's another box problem. Brooklyn Guy finds out there's 3 Heartbeats coming from the Cheerio box. He opens it and comes out 2 little Cheerios boxes (Pusshole 1 and 2) and another one that looks like a deformed Jeffy, so they call it Jeffy Junior. Brooklyn Guy eats the Cherrio afterbirth and Jeffy breaks the news to Mario and Rosalina. Jeffy feeds Jeffy Jr a "junk food mix", but Jeffy Jr throws the plate and Jeffy grounds Jeffy Jr and sends him to bed. Meanwhile, Bowser Junior wants cereal and eats/murders Pusshole 1 &2. Jeffy tells Jeffy Junior the story of Goldif**ks which is basically Goldilocks but Goldilocks gets killed by the bears at the end. After, Jeffy Jr poops his pants, so Jeffy put him in a toilet until he "knows how to use it". Jeffy Jr gets flushed down the toilet. Meanwhile, Jeffy sees Bowser Junior eating/murdering Pusshole 1 and 2, so he calls the cop on Junior and Brooklyn T. Guy arrests Bowser Junior . Jeffy says Pusshole 1 & 2 are dead and Jeffy Jr is missing (got flushed down the toilet). Mario says Jeffy isn't old enough to have kids yet. Jeffy then shows Mario how he got the Cherrio box pregnant using a bagel (Stinkhole) and a banana (Hippo Dick). Jeffy's demonstration then gets interrupted by the SML question.


Jeffy Jr. (Deceased†)


  • This is the second time that Logan reposted a video. The first video to be reuploaded was "Jeffy Gets Help!".
    • This is also the first time a video gets reuploaded more than once.
  • Logan initially said in a Chilly vlog that he had the idea for this video but was unable to make it because YouTube's policy prevented him from showing Jeffy humping the Cheerio box. He eventually went through with the video, but did not show Jeffy humping the box.
  • This is the second time that Bowser Junior has been arrested, First Being "Bowser Junior Sneaks Out!".
  • This is the second time a food item has been murdered, the first being No Crust!
  • This is the third time a food item dies, the first being in Bowser Junior's Pet! and the second being No Crust!
  • This is currently the final SuperMarioLogan episode to focus on Rosalina due to her making his videos have cursing.
  • This is the list of ingredients that Jeffy used to make his kids dinner:
    • Little Bites Muffins
    • Cheeto Puffs
    • Chips Ahoy Cookies
    • Jolly Rancher Pop Tarts (Watermelon Flavor)
    • Haribo Gummy Bears
    • Trolli Gummy Worms
    • Goldfish Crackers
    • Zebra Cakes
    • Brownies
    • Marmalade syrup
  • The video has been age-restricted before it was twenty-four hours old more than likely because of the swearing, or because of the Cheerio box being pregnant.
  • This is the 6th SML video to be age-restricted, and the second to be re-uploaded
    • That is due to Logan re uploading it because he doesn't want his videos to get age restricted.
      • The video has been re-uploaded 3 times, with the original title being "Jeffy's Kids!" and the current title being "Jeffy Has Kids!".
  • Jeffy's similar pose in the Thumbnail from Nintendo Switch was reused for the thumbnail of this Video.
  • This SML Movie is similar to Chef Pee Pee's Kids!, but is also different because in Chef Pee Pee's Kids, Cody uses a Baby Machine, and in this SML, Jeffy gets a Cheerio Box pregnant.
  • In a Chilly vlog, Logan says that he filmed this video 4-5 months prior of its release.
  • In the Chilly vlog, Logan also said he didn't upload it because he had a deleted scene that has Jeffy "making" kids with the Cheerio box.
  • This is the first time in which one of Jeffy's sentences in his rampage does not at least have one swear word.
  • When Brooklyn T. Guy said that a homeless guy called because his cardboard box was sick, he could most likely be referring to Hansel.
  • This is Brooklyn T. Guy's ninth appearance in a row.
  • One youtuber, Gordon lee Huey, didn't comment it, but he personally quoted, "I hope to see Jeffy jr. again.'
  • It is revealed in a Chilly vlog that a scene was filmed depicting Jeffy pulling down the Cheerio box’s panties, but was later removed to get past the censors and Logan further stated that he doesn’t know where the file featuring the scene is.
  • Logan uploaded a family-friendly version of this video to test if it would get demonetized or age-restricted.
  • This is the most hated SML video since Jeffy's Bad Word, Locked Out, and Jeffy's Tantrum..

Family Friendly Version

On Decmber 13, 2017, Logan uploaded a video titled "Jeffy's Kids Family Friendly". This version of the video replaced all cuss words with squeaks, and all inappropriate scenes with cute animals such as ducks, dogs, and cats. The video was made as a test to see if a completely family friendly version of the video would get demonitized and age restricted. As of December 14, 2017, the family friendly version has been age restricted. Although it is possible that YouTube age-restricted it due to some of the inappropriate scene still being audible, it is suspected that the video was falsely flagged. Ironically enough, the main inappropriate version of this video is currently not age-restricted yet, though it has been age-restricted twice before.

Errors and Goofs

  • This is the second time a reupload has a description like this, the first being "Jeffy Gets Help!".
  • The current description states this: "If you have already watched this video, you don't have to watch it again. This video keeps getting taken down due to age restriction. This video shouldn't be age restricted. I will keep reuploading it every time it gets age restricted."
  • Since Logan reposted the video the second time with a retitle, the word "Has" is not in the thumbnail.
  • Brooklyn T. Guy says that the cheerio box was going to have a C section, but Jeffy kept saying the kids were coming from the cheerio box's puss hole. When someone has a C section babies don't come out of the vagina, they come directly from the stomach after it's cut open.
  • A baby wouldn't be able to survive in a dry condition.


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