Jeffy Sneaks Out! is the 304th episode of SML Movies.


Jeffy wants to go to the movies with Junior, but Mario won't let him. So Jeffy decides to sneak out!


The video starts off with Jeffy playing with Play-Doh as Junior walks in and asks if he wants to go to a movie, which he answers he would like to go. Junior then asks if Mario would let him go, so Jeffy goes to ask him, and Junior occupies himself with the Play-Doh. Jeffy then asks Mario if he can go to the movies with Junior, and starts swearing when Mario says he can't, leading to Jeffy getting grounded for two weeks, and then he walks off pissed. he then proceeds to tell Junior a twisted version of what happened, and after that Jeffy decides to sneak out to the movie with Junior. To make sure his parents don't find out, Jeffy makes his Play-Doh creation of himself come to life as a clone while he sneaks out. As Junior and Jeffy watch the movie things back at the house get out of hand, eventually leading to Drawing Jeffy shooting a cop. Soon Jeffy gets back and eventually Mario defeats Drawing Jeffy after realizing who is the real one. Mario and Rosalina revoke Jeffy's punishments and tell him that they're going to take him to the movie. Jeffy reluctantly agrees (since he already saw the movie but doesn't want his parents to know that he sneaked out). At the theater, Jeffy accidentally spoils the ending much to Mario's dismay, but they watch the movie and the video ends from there.



Jeffy Sneaks Out! was polarized by fans and critics alike, garnering mixed results.

Many fans praised the return of Simmons and found the episode funny and well made, especially with the police segments and the movie. However, Many people found Jeffy's swearing annoying, overused, and out of character and the video was brutally criticized for that. The episode had also copied a lot of elements from Bowser Junior Sneaks Out!, the episode having a weak ending, and the section with "Evil" Mario and Rosalina being cringe worthy. Most people, especially "Jeffy haters" found Drawing Jeffy to be unfunny, annoying filler, and his return being unnecessary. SML Reviewer stated that he has officially lost faith in SML on Twitter, and that he might take a break from reviewing for a bit until the hour long SML Movie comes out. He found the same problems, that the people who've watched it had.


  • This is Ken's first appearance since The Mystery Safe!
  • This is Simmon's first appearance since Turkey Tyranny! and also his first appearance in 2017.
  • This is the second appearance of Drawing Jeffy.
  • Drawing Jeffy was seen eating Mario's hat, but at the end when Mario got his hat back and Rosalina asked where he found it, he said it was under Drawing Jeffy's mayonnaise cap.
  • The "Evil" Mario and Rosalina fantasy made by Jeffy is similar to Bowser Junior's Evil Chef Pee Pee fantasy from No Crust!.
  • This is one of the few times Jeffy is a good boy and gets rewarded.
  • This is the first time in a while where Rosalina and Mario watch a movie together.
  • A Youtuber called Minus Bros. made a YTP with the same name as this video 3 days before this video got released, and when it did, Minus Bros says "he predicted the future".
  • Mebo can be seen in the background in the playroom.
  • This is Tito's third appearance in an SML video.
  • At 5:05, it says MAYONNAISE on the board in the background.
  • The title should be Drawing Jeffy 2!


  • The description says "bit", which should say "but."
  • In 9:18 Chris Netherton can be seen.
  • While Brooklyn Guy was banging his gun on the door, the door got three small damage nicks.
  • Mario told Jeffy that he can't read but it shows in previous episodes that he can, it's possible Mario forgot.


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