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Jeffy The Rapper is the 283rd episode of SML Movies. As of July 7, 2017, it is currently the most viewed episode of SuperMarioLogan.


Jeffy becomes a rapper! But is the thug life too tough for Jeffy?


SteinbeckstaringatJunior WHAT IS IT?!

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It starts when Black Yoshi and Tyrone are playing Call of Duty, but when Mario wants Black Yoshi to watch Jeffy, while he goes to a store. But, he refuses to watch Jeffy because he's focusing on playing Call of Duty. Jeffy plays a song on his cat piano, and Black Yoshi gets annoyed and Tyrone got impressed by Jeffy, and then Jeffy plays the song again using his cat piano while Tyrone is dancing, and then after that, when Mario got back from the store, Black Yoshi told him to get the watermelon seeds, and Mario told him that he can't eat/suck watermelon seeds, but after that Jeffy called Mario a Nigga because he is now a rapper and Tyrone said that he has a hit single song called "Why" and then Mario said it is ridiculous, but then Tyrone showed Mario some money.



Jeffy The Rapper was far and out a sensation as it became one of the most popular SML videos of all time in just a matter of weeks. It was also the first video of two to reach 2,000,000 views within the first 24 hours of upload. The video is now currently the most viewed SML video of all time, reaching this point in about 4 months, surpassing A Retarded Beginning and Bowser Junior's Summer Vacation. It is also the most viewed Jeffy video, growing the fastest in views.

The video received mainly positive reviews from fans. However, lots of people criticized the scene in which Jeffy got shot, and people called Toad a definite villain in the SML universe.

Many YouTubers had mixed reactions from Jeffy saying "nigger" and "cracker."

GamecubeDude300 said that the video was funny, but thought that Jeffy's and Toad's mixtapes were stupid.

Many fans also lost their like for Toad after this video.


  • There is a behind the scenes video of Logan making the rap song on Chilly's channel.
    • Also, Jeffy's song "Why" had the official music video released on SuperLuigiLogan.
  • This SML video is the SML video that reached 10 million views the quickest.
    • This has become the most popular SML video of all time
  • The SML Crew got busted during the making of this video (as seen in the Behind the Scenes video) as, during the filming of Jeffy's music video, security staff went up the parking structure that the crew was filming at, as they thought there was a sports car meet-up.
  • This is Tyrone's first appearance since Taken and his first appearance in 2017.
  • This is Black Yoshi's first appearance since The Bake Sale! and his second appearance in 2017.
  • The name J-Fee is a pun on Jay-Z.
    • J-Fee's appearance may be similar to Slim Shady, also known as Eminem.
  • This is the first time Jeffy uses the N-Word and also first time getting arrested.
  • This is the first time Jeffy has been shot, but survives.
  • When Tyrone says "Oh my Jewish God", it is a reference to his Jewish family, as he is the step-father of Cody.
  • This is the first time in a while since we have seen Toad rap a song, and the first time there is rap since Chef Pee Pee Quits! Part 5.
  • It is revealed that Toad has a new car, which appears to be a blue Ford Mustang.
  • It has now been more than a whole month since Rosalina has appeared in a video.
  • This episode is quite similar to an older SML video, Toad is Cool, as both episodes involve Toad battling with another person, and that Jeffy becoming a rapper by being introduced to another rapper is similar to Toad becoming a rapper by being introduced to a rapper.
  • Toad likely got arrested off-screen in the video.
  • The rap in this video became a meme when YouTuber "Zelda Flash" uploaded videos called "Jeffy's Rap but with the Fred Christmas is Creepy Song" and "Jeffy's Rap but it's in Nightcore", the meme also expanded when his cousin Multisonic_247 uploaded a video called "Jeffy's Rap but every Why is replaced with S H O T."
  • This video is also known as Jeffy The Gangsta.
  • The video has become the most viewed video on SML's channel, surpassing Bowser Junior's Summer Vacation with 16 million views.
  • Tyrone's song has the same music as Jeffy's.


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