Junior Car is the 2nd episode of Baby Shrek series, but the series never resumed.


What happens when Shrek leaves his son in a running car?


The episode starts off with Shrek and Jr in the dining room. There is no cheesecake so Shrek borrows Mario's car and credit card. In the car, Shrek forgets the credit card. Mario opens the malibox and Shrek is in there. Mario tells Shrek the card is in the kitchen. Mario watches Jr and he drives off. Jr hits Officer Goodman with the car. Goodman then places Mario under arrest. Shrek is shamed about Mario. Shrek then takes Jr and the episode ends.



  • After the episode, the series was never continued.
  • This is the second time Logan's Chevy has been showing. The first was Bowser's 4th Of July.
  • Shrek's full Name is revealed in the episode

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