I am fried chicken
— La Poo

La Poo is a dog who makes his appearance in MAIN CHARACTER JUDGING and later appears in MAIN CHARACTER JUDGING RESULTS!!! as a joke character as he got the least votes for his character. He really likes fried chicken so much that it is partly his motivation to joining Mario's crew. His justification for wanting to join SuperMarioLogan is because "he's La Poo" and "he likes fried chicken" and "he is fried chicken." He appears again in the results video, delusional, that he had won the contest. He attacks Mario for rejecting him, he is then swiped off the bed and doesn't appear until Shrek nominates him as a Main character along with No Quiero Taco Bell. Mario expresses absolute hatred when La Poo is nominated and snaps his neck so La Poo never appears again. Mario then pushes for someone else to get nominated and Shrek chooses Francoise, AKA Tour Guide for Today.


La Poo is a brown and white dog, more specifically, a hound breed. Possible breeds of La Poo include: American English Coonhound, American Foxhound, English Foxhound, Harrier. La Poo has a large black nose and black floppy ears. La Poo is of below average height when compared to other members of the cast.


La Poo seems to have a large ego as he has an infatuation with himself and his name. He talks to others as if he has a higher importance.La Poo seems to suffer from some form of mild dementia as he almost has all of the symptoms. He forgets his place of origin saying he's from Mexico before correcting himself. He said "I am fried Chicken" during the interview showing that he is losing his sense of self-awareness and reasoning forgetting that he is a dog. A possible reason that La Poo says his name so much may be because he doesn't want to forget it as he may easily forget if he doesn't reinforce the memory. In the results video he is shown deluded clearly without clear judgement. He also seems to have a short attention-span as he interrupts Mario often to comment on how he likes fried chicken or that his name is La poo.

Likes and Dislikes


  • Himself
  • Fried Chicken


La Poo doesn't display any dislikes towards any particular subject in his appearances.



Mario doesn't like La Poo as he criticises his character multiple times throughout judging. Because Mario criticises La Poo so frequently La Poo eventually attacked mario in a burst of outrage. Mario won the fight and killed La Poo.


  • La Poo translates to The Poo. However if the "La" in La Poo's name is to be a definite article it is used incorrectly as La Poo would imply he is female. The correct use of a definite article would be Le Poo for being male.