This page is for the list of know websites connected to SuperMarioLogan, including this one.

Note: if you know any other sites, link them in the list, and explain what their use is for.


  • - The channel on YouTube where videos are uploaded
  • (FORMER) - This website was made for Logan himself, and is used to advertise, update, and upload things like games to. The website no longer exists and now redirects the user to SuperMarioLogan on YouTube
  • - This website is the main information website for SML. It's used to act as the bulk of information of the series. There are others like this, but this one is the biggest and most successful.
  • - This website is a partner of SML Wiki, and is used to store fake and fan made information of SML at. It was adopted by FlandreAndTakane333, and him and Gensomura are the current owners.
  • - This website is another partner of, and is used to store information such as fan games, fan videos, fan art, and other fan things.
  • - This website is for storing reviews of SML content.
  • - MarioandTony was the original version of It was eventually shutdown and replaced with the current website.
  • - This website is used to ask questions about SML videos, characters, or any other content. It was founded by FlandreAndTakane333 and the current bureaucrats and owners are FlandreAndTakane333 and Phillydan25.


  • - Lower quality and less popular version of the sml wiki.
  • - This website was originally supposed to be a website documenting on Logan's plushes and characters solely, but eventually just turned into another not-as big or successful versions of the main SML wiki.
  • - This website is a spin-off of the Fanbase wiki dedicated to archiving SuperMarioLogan YouTube Poops.

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