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This is a list of all known ideas that were originally going to be episodes, but were scrapped (cancelled). This is different then an unreleased episode, as those are episodes made but not uploaded, while this is simply ideas that were going to be made, but weren't.

List of Scrapped/Unreleased Episodes

  1. Toad's Crib
  2. Mario's Car Ride
  3. Toad's Car Ride
  4. Black Yoshi's Cigarettes
  5. Bowser Junior's Cellphone 2
  6. Bowser Junior Goes To The Mall!
  7. Mario's Grandpa Moves Out!
  8. Chef Pee Pee Goes To New York!
  9. Bowser's Addiction
  10. Bowser and Bowser Junior Meets Ralph and Vanellope
  11. Deadly Boredom
  12. Unnamed 2014 Christmas Special
  13. Chef Pee Pee's Inheritance
  14. Sherk's Cheesy Date
  15. Bowser Junior's Allergic To Water

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