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Lost Souls are the main "antagonists" in the Luigi's Mansion series, the protagonist is obviously Luigi as He woke up in a Mansion haunted By Spectral Beings and Later revealed by Ghost Proffessor E. Gadd That when The Power went out, King Boo Stoled The SML Character's Soul and placed Their Souless Bodies in A Washing Machine and That Luigi need to capture All of The SuperMarioLogan Character's Soul and return them to Their Body while The Ghosts thought they are still in Their Body doing their Daily Routine While Professor E. Gasdd Wasn't Seen again after Luigi's Mansion Episode 1, Lost Souls are Diffrent From Ghosts And Boos.


  • Restored: Lost Soul Restored To Their Body.
  • Likely Restored: Likely Restored but No evidence To back Up.
  • Contained/Captured: Currently Stored In Luigi's Poltergust 3000.
  • Escaped: Currently Escaped From Luigi's Poltergust 3000.
  • Accompanying Luigi: Teaming With Luigi.
  • Formerly Accompanying Luigi: Formerly Teaming With Luigi.
  • Unknown: No Information on Character Status.

List of Lost Souls/Characters

(Please Note That These Are The Characters That Are Currently Introduced, I will be adding More of The Souls Luigi Encounters)

  • Toad: First Encountered in Luigi's Mansion Episode 2, Surrounded by A Dark Purple Aura (Likely Because of His Love For his Pink Escalade), Singing before Being Captured, Found in The Garage on His Pink Escalade, Made Mad by Luigi by shutting off his Music, "Accidentaly" Soul Sucked from his Body 3 Times each Time Forgetting That They were Catching Souls and Kicked Out by Luigi When he sucked up his Soul a 3rd Time, Has a Cord Vaccume and was only seen again in Luigi's Mansion Episode 8, Current Status: Formerly Accompanying Luigi/Restored.
  • Shrek: Surrounded by a Green Aura, Pooping and Suffocating Toad in The Toilet While turning his attention to Luigi When His Sara Lee Cheesecake Box Is Sucked Up Before being captured, Escaped When Toad Set The Souls Free saying "Donkey! I'm Free!" Angered When Luigi sucked his Cheesecakes and Got Restored Into His Body In Episode 6, Current Status: Restored.
  • Sara Lee Cheesecake Box, Surrounded by a Green Aura in Episode 2 While Luigi was passing by The Bathroom and Glowed a Red Aura Like Bowser's In Episode 5, Presumably Revived along With Shrek, Current Status: Likely Restrored.
  • Chef Pee Pee: Surrounded By a Turquoise Aura and a White/No aura, and Seen with A White Plate and A Floating Spatula and Skillet In The Kitchen In Episode 1, Doesn't seem to Notice Luigi, Seen Again In Episode 5 Eating Frosted Flakes While Telling Luigi That Bowser Junior's Soul is Hiding Behind The Cereal Box while They were playing a Game Of Hide And Seek, Seen again In Luigi's Mansion Episode 8 Making What seems To be Fruit Salad While Meing Immune To Bowser's Punches after He Got Restored to His body, Angered When Bowser Knocked His Salad Onto The Floor and Got Sucked Up By Luigi, Current Status: Contained/Captured.
  • Black Yoshi: First Seen In Episode 4 Playing Call Of Duty In His Room, Surrounded By a Dark Blue/Navy Aura, Angered when Toad Turned Off His Xbox In which He threw A Bob-Omb at Him and Got Sucked Up and Later Got Put Backed Into His Body, Raced Of At 60MPH After Getting Jumpscared By Mama Luigi's Ghost Even Though he says that he isn't Scared By Ghost (Likely Since He Play Call Of Duty: Ghost As Shown Bowser Junior's Summer School 3 When He Brought It In on Show And Tell and Thought That Because He Play COC: Ghosts He isn't scared of Ghosts, Current Status: Restored.
  • Bowser Junior: Surrounded By a Sometimes Turquoise and Sometimes Orange Aura, First Seen In Episode 4, Challenged Luigi To Win in A Game Of Hide And Seek, Luigi Won 2 Times, First Finding Him Behind a Pillow and Finding Him Behind A Frosted Flakes Cereal Box With Chef Pee Pee's Help, And Made Junior Cry to Bowser When Chef Pee Pee Told him that he Told Luigi that He was behind The Cereal Box While He was Captured in Episode 5 He was released By Toad Accidentally In Episode 6 While saying "Woooo! I'm going to play with My Toys!", Current Status: Escaped.
  • Bowser: Surrounded By a Red Aura But doesn't have one in Luigi's Mansion Episode 8 First Encountered in Episode 4 While Junior was Complaining that He wants to win and Got Sucked Up by Luigi Along with his Son, Accidentally Released By Toad in Episode 6 And Found Again In Episode 8 In His Room watching Charleyyy and Friends And when He got Angered by Luigi by sucking up Charleyyy (Meaning That The Poltergust 3000 Can suck Things from Things as He Sucked Charleyyy From The T.V. While He was Punching Luigi He Got sucked up by Toad's Cord Vaccume Meaning That Souls Can be Sucked Up by Any Type Of Vaccume (Whose Soul Somehow Got transferred To Luigi's Poltergust 3000) And Noticed that Luigi was the Ine that sucked up Charleyyy and He went with Luigi to Find Foods in The Kitchen Where Chef Pee Pee's Soul was Making a Salad While Bowser Requested A Sandwich 2 Times in Which Meing a Ghost And the Fact That Bowser Is no Longer a Ghost means That Chef Pee Pee Can't hear Him and while Bowser Was trying To punch him and it didn't worked He decides to Piss Off Chef Pee Pee By knocking The salad he Made onto the floor while Luigi Sucked him up and Told Luigi He just wanted To watch Charleyyy And Friends While Going Through a Creepy Door, Current Status: Restored/Accompanying Luigi.
  • Woody: Surrounded By a Yellow Aura and Was Observing Luigi and Toad While Jumping Out of a Nearby Bush To save Them from a Monster Shrimpo, Current Status: Unknown.
  • Monster Shrimpo: ( Not To Be Confused With The Giant Shrimpo From Shrimpo Hunter Episode 5) Surrounded By a White/No Aura and attempted to Kill Luigi and Toad but was Saved by Woody who begin To punch Him, First Seen At The End Of Episode 5, Current Status: Unknown
  • The Rat: Surrounded By a Yellow/Orange Aura, First Encountered In Episode 6 Banging Inside a Cabinet and Angered when Luigi Sucked up All The Cheeses In The Refrigerator And Later Got sucked up By Luigi's Poltergust 3000, Current Status: Captured/Contained.
  • Charleyyy: Although Technically Not a Soul, It is Possible It is Ghost Charleyyy As he Got Sucked Into The Poltergust 3000 And He is able to be bridged out By The Washing Machine, No Aura, Current Status: Unknown/Technically Restored.
  • Mama Luigi: First a Seen in Episode 2 In which Luigi followed Into The Garage Where he Caught Toad's Soul, Reappeared in Episode 5 When He Took Luigi's Poltergust 3000 From Toad who is Guarding The Bathroom Door While Luigi Uses The Bathroom, Found Near The Front Door in Episode 6 Who Got Angered and turned His Attention To Luigi When He touched a Nickel In which after Toad Released Shrek, Bowser, And Bowser Junior's Soul and Sucked Out His Own Soul a 3rd Time, Current Status: Unknown
  • Luigi: The Main "Protagonist" Who is trying to Free His Friend's Soul Mainly Mario's Soul, Like His Game Counterpart, Luigi is a Coward However unlike In The Games he does try to Hide it and Is Somewhat Braver Than His Nintendo Counterpart. Current Status: Alive


  • Invisibility: Ability to not be Seen
  • Intangibility/Phasing: Ability to Pass Through Solid Objects Such As Doors Lock or Unlocked.
  • Unable to Be seen in Bright Areas
  • Physical Immunity: Immune/Impervious To Physical Attack as Evidenced By Restored Bowser That his Punches worked on Luigi But simply Passed Through Chef Pee Pee's Soul.
  • Spectral Attack's Ability To Throw Spectral Attacks And Objects as Evidenced When Ghost Black Yoshi Threw a Spectral Bob-Omb at Toad after He Turned Off His Xbox To Piss Him Off.

Diffrences Between Boos and Ghosts

  • Shapeshifting: Boos Can Take The Form Of Other Characters as One Boo turned into White Yoshi and Then Turned Back into a Boo
  • Inability To Talk, Although Ghosts Can Talk, Boos Can't and can only Laugh.
  • Ghosts are beings who died of Natural Causes, i.e Proffessor E. Gadd died Of Old Age
  • Boos Are Spectral Beings That Inhabits The Haunted Mansion.
  • Boos can be Physically Attacked as In The Beginning of Episode 1 Luigi Punched a Boo out of His Way when It was Coming Towards Him.
  • Lost Souls Are Souls who are Forcefully Takened From Their Body.


  • Can Be Seen in Very Dark Areas.
  • Easily Captured By a Vacuum of Any Type.
  • Can be Captured Once Angered.
  • Worst Fear: The Poltergust 3000.


  • Despite being called "Lost Souls" By Ghost Professor E. Gadd in mythology, a lost soul is a soul that is sent to eternal punishment, however, the SML characters "Lost Souls" are actually just their souls taken out of their body.
  • Almost All Of The Lost Souls Have an Aura Surrounding Them.
  • Of All of The Ghosts, Mama Luigi's Seemed To Be The Smartest, Fastest, And Most Difficult To Capture As The Only Seemingly Way To Anger Him is to Touch a Nickel.
  • Despite The Title Saying Luigi's Mansion it is Different As Luigi Won The Mansion In The Game While SML Luigi Woke up in it.
  • It appears That The time it takes for a Soul to be Sucked Up depends on How Big, Close, Far The Soul is, Shrek's Soul in Episode 6 need to be Shrinked Down in Order to Fit into The Poltergust 3000 as He is Seen to Rapidly Shrink when Getting Sucked by The Vaccume, And That Chef Pee Pee's Soul is Captured very fast in Luigi's Mansion Episode 8 Since he is very Close to Bowser And Luigi.
  • All The Lost Souls are Angered By Something, Toad's Soul was angered by The Music being Turned Off, Shrek's Cheesecake got Sucked Up, Charleyyy Got Sucked Up which Angered Bowser, Chef Pee Pee's Salad Got knocked on The Floor, Black Yoshi's Xbox got Turned Off, And Luigi sucked up all The Cheeses in The Refrigerato which Made The Rat Mad.
  • Lost Souls Also appeared To be able To Be Captured if They're Distracted As Bowser Junior's Soul got sucked up when He was distracted Arguing With His Dad