Luigi's Mansion Episode 8 is the eighth and final episode of Luigi's Mansion.


Luigi is back and in a new mansion!


After Luigi visiting the home of Craig, he decided to go back to his regular world. But little did he know everyone was a ghost except for him and Toad. As he sucked the ghosts in his vacuum, he regenerated them into real people (plushies). Bowser came out and got mad at Luigi for doing that. They then forgot about all that, then heard a creak. A random noise came from a door, revealing something secret.



  • Logan explains in a Chilly vlog that he will reboot the Luigi's Mansion series in the Summer 2017, meaning this is the final episode of the original.
    • This explanation will cause Luigi to finally reappear since The Perfect Plan
  • This is the only Luigi's Mansion episode to be released in 2015, and to not be released in 2014.
  • The end of this video promises Logan will not do another 6-month hiatus with Luigi's Mansion again, which is false because it has already been 2 years and there's still no Part 9, however Logan stated that due to complications with the apartment, he couldn't continue the series.
    • Which means that the original Luigi's Mansion series is cancelled