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  • Narrator: A SuperMarioLogan short. Luigi's Secret.
  • [the video starts with Mama Luigi holding a disc]
  • Mario: Luigi, stop! I wanna see that video.
  • Mama Luigi: No, Mario! It's embarrasing!
  • Mario: It can't be that embarrasing. Luigi, you've seen my videos.
  • Mama Luigi: Yeah I have, but this is WORST!
  • Mario: Come on, Luigi. It can't be that bad. Just let me see the video.
  • Mama Luigi: NO!
  • Mario: Why?
  • Mama Luigi: Because I'm gonna burn it!
  • Mario: Don't burn it, Luigi!
  • Mama Luigi: Fine! I'll hide it, and if you find it, I'll let you watch it.
  • Mario: Fine then, Luigi. Hide it in the stupidest places.
  • Mama Luigi: Okay. (Mama Luigi looks at the camera) I'm gonna hide it in the most hardest place to find it.

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