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First Appearance

Main Character Judging

Latest Appearance

Mario and Luigi's Stupid and Dumb Adventures Season 3 Episode 3

Coming Soon Episode

Mario and Luigi's Stupid and Dumb Adventures Season 3 Episode 4

Portrayed By

Lovell Stanton (2012 [Zombie Mama Luigi], LOVELL STANTON (2014)SMART LUIGI Lance (2008) Zeke (2008-2009) LOGAN 2012(MAMA LUIGI KILLING BOWSER FINALE EPISODE

Mama Luigi is a early-generation character from the SuperMarioLogan series (most notably in Mario and Luigi's Stupid and Dumb Adventures). He is labeled as a retarded clone of Mario's brother, Luigi. He is known for his obnoxious laughter, and he also likes using a giant marker as a Melee. After his death in the premiere of the second season of Mario and Luigi's Stupid and Dumb Adventures, he is resurrected as a zombie then he died again after a gunshot and explosion. He reappears as a ghost in Luigi's Mansion. It is stated in another video that Mama Luigi will

appear in later videos.

Many fans were sad of his death because of his funny actions. His plush is very rare and hard to find. He may have a smarter brain then what is thought of him. He put toad in the microwave because he knew it would kill him. He also put soap in a pillow case because he knew it was a powerful and painful weapon.

Not many are sure what exactly goes through this clone's head. But what is known is that he has a history of violence, such as vengeance when he failed in winning The Main Character Judging contest, he kidnapped, abused, and assaulted Mario's true brother, Luigi and also kept it a secret until revealed in the second season of Mario and Luigi's Stupid and Dumb Adventures. He also assaulted and murdered Toad by putting him in the microwave because he earlier touched his nickel in "Toad's Mistake".

Although he is a clone, he is way more popular than the actual Luigi, being one of the most beloved sml characters to date

He respawns in the first episode of MLSDA Season 3 as a smart version of him                                                                                                                                         Mama Luigi was first voiced by Lance Logan's brother in the main character judging video on April 11 2008 but Zeke took the role in November 17 2008

Talents Edit

  • It is arguable if Mama Luigi is helpful or not. Because he has many talents that make up for his retardedness, such as.
  • Fighting. Mama Luigi can hold his own in a fight. As when he nearly took down Bowser WITHOUT the magic marker. He also beat Bowser when he had magic powers with ease. He also beaten up Luigi with ease.
  • Stalling. Mama Luigi can drag on a fight for hours.
  • video games. Mama Luigi has a talent in super mario sluggers.
  • Smarts? Mama Luigi is retarded, no doubt about it, but he may be more smart than he shows. For example he was able to secretly beat up Luigi during game reviews without Mario's knowledge.
  • Yo Mom jokes.
  • The force. Mama Luigi used the force to get the magic marker.
  • Endurance. Mama Luigi has survived things that would kill other people.
  • Singing. Mama Luigi sang If I Were A Boy pefectly. (Although he may have been lip sinking)
  • Bravery. Mama Luigi has not been afraid. He charged at Bowser when he had a gun. And all Luigi had was a bomb on his chest.

Role in Mario and Luigi's stupid and dumb adventures Edit

In the first season it is arguable that Mama Luigi was the main character, because he took down Bowser and started the whole adventure. In the second season Mario took the mantle of the main character, due to the death of Mama Luigi.

Personality of mama luigi Edit

Mama Luigi's personality is one of frequent smartly and retarded less actions, but over all he is very nice, and has very few enemies. All though he is mentally handicapped, he is not retarded Tony is.

Relationship with mario Edit

Mario and mama luigi Edit

Mama Luigi considers Mario to be his best-est close friend. Although they have opposite personalities Mario and Luigi act as each Other's foils, smart and cool. Mario by far was the most sad about his death. Mama Luigi does some stupid and smart stuff, but he really tries to do good for Mario, such as when he started the adventure by paying Bowser to get Peach. Or when he bought a Nintendo DSI for Mario to make him happy for his success.

Bowser vs mama luigi Edit

Bowser is Mama Luigi's worst enemy. Mama Luigi is known as the only one who can beat Bowser. Although they do sing If I Were A Boy together and work together to stop Mario from Posting it on Youtube.

Yoshi and his mama luigi Edit

Yoshi loves Mama Luigi, who was his role model and guardian and was one of the saddest at the death of Mama Luigi. Mama Luigi sees him as a pet and a friend.

Luigi vs mama luigi Edit

Mama Luigi and Luigi are considered eneimes, although though the later is still mad at the former for kidnapping him.

Zombie Mama Luigi Edit

Zombie Mama Luigi is a ressurrected zombified form of Mama Luigi who was been revived by Bowser in the Cemetary. Mama Luigi follows Mario up a cliff to try and kill him. Mario finds the now dead Black Yoshi's glock. Mario threatens Mama Luigi with the gun, but Mama Luigi would just not stop. Reluctantly Mario shoots Mama Luigi with Black Yoshi's glock, ending his short lived return!!!

Lovell took Zeke's place of voicing Mama Luigi in 2012-2014

Alternate diemension Mama Luigi Edit

When Mario and Luigi's cool and smart adventures season two ended, Mario thought he went back in time. But he went in the wrong portal into a place where everything was retarded and backwards. This meant there was a retarded Mama Luigi, so Mario found him and he helped Mario start his journey.



"The CD is not under this paper. Love Mama Luigi!"

"I want a lollipop"

"Have you ever killed some one?"

"Now here's a bowl of water. How are we going to clean that up? We're not going to throw it in the sink! No that's just too boring!"

"You know what you did retard!"

"That's two for the price of three!"

"Wait, I'm not satisfied until I rip you guys off!"

"We'll even throw in a free watermelon! That's right, I said it A FREE WATERMELON!"


"(random screeches)"

"Serious as a heart attack"

"Oh, you suck.!"

"Nobody, touches, MY NICKEL!!!!"

"What... Did you SAY?!"

"Do you know what this marker, can do?!"

"Darting you got to let me know, should I poop or should I not?! If I dont it will be yummy! If I dont it will be stinky!" (singing)

"Do you know the muffin man?"


"No Mario it's embarrising!"

"I love you Mario!!!"" Do you know what this marker can fuck?

How Did I Get The Plush? Edit

On 2008 I got him at Toys n Joy. In 2009 I lost him so I found a one on Ebay but it came with Wario and Dumb Mario.

Just Mama Luigi

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