Mario Mario, also known as Super Mario (or simply Mario) is the main protagonist of the SuperMarioLogan series.

Ever since his debut appearance in SUPER MARIO GOT MILK, he has been voiced by Logan Thirtyacre. He is the adoptive father of Jeffy,[8] the husband of Rosalina,[9] and is the ex-husband of Peach. [10].


Mario's appearance is the same from the games. He has a short build with a good physique and a round nose. He wears a red cap with an "M" on it. Mario is 5 feet 1 inches (155 centimeters), and weighs nearly 200 pounds (90.7 kilograms)[11]

He has blue eyes, a red shirt, light blue overalls with two yellow buttons, white gloves, and brown shoes along with brown hair and a black mustache and eyebrows.

The only difference he has between the SML and the game variations of him is that he is somewhat bald instead of having a full head of hair (and not being as tall as a hand)

In Mario's Turtle Problem, he appeared as Fire Mario in part of the video.


Mario was born in Brooklyn, NY and started a plumbing business with his brother Luigi until a few years later.[12] He was originally called Jumpman and first appeared in the Donkey Kong series until he found the Mushroom Kingdom and married Peach.

Mario always had to save Peach and her kingdom from Bowser, usually with his brother Luigi, until the SML era. At some point, he bought a house and invited his friends to live with him.

During his teen years, Mario went to high school with some noteworthy characters, such as Peach, Bowser, and possibly Luigi. Shortly after high-school, Mario married Peach but then got a divorce for being bald.

Shortly before their divorce, Mario got Peach pregnant with Baby Peach, but Peach thought the child belonged to her boyfriend, Sonic.

HighSchool Mario

Mario in High School


In SML, Mario is a down-to-earth sane but slightly perverted man - one of the few SML characters who is made for the regular feel rather than solely for laughs.

Mario is a responsible man, owning a house while supporting Black Yoshi, Shrek, Mama Luigi (before he died), Woody, Tony the Tiger, Mr. Pig, Toad, Jeffy, Bowser, Junior, Chef Pee Pee, and temporarily the Angry Birds before kicking them out.

However, in Titototter instead he is obsessed with meatballs and acts bad and tries to steal Sonic's meatballs.

As described on the original SML website, Mario is not meant to be a funny character; he is a strict, stern character who just wants everything to be normal.

He is rather clever, being able to trick Bowser into letting him and his family move in with him. He also outsmarted him by finding out he put poison into his food.

Out of all the characters, he is the smartest and least retarded character along with Chef Pee Pee, Cody and Brooklyn T. Guy. He's the generic guy stuck in a house of morons and weirdos. However, despite mostly being pretty intelligent, he and Brooklyn T. Guy are often not very smart.

Mario is also sometimes a bit of a pushover, letting people like Black Yoshi and Shrek live with him when they drive him crazy, even though he could kick them out. In Mario's Family Moves Out!, he admits that he doesn't know why Shrek, Black Yoshi, Tony, Woody, and Toad live with him.

Mario often gets pissed off and frustrated when dealing with the stupidity of those around him. Ever since Jeffy was introduced, he became more irritable and a bit more of a jerk.

He stands as the voice of reason in the house and often acts as a foil to people like Bowser, Mama Luigi, Black Yoshi and Tony.

Mario has been shown to be somewhat shallow, such as in Mario's Beautiful Date!, where not only tries to kill himself due to having no one to love but also constantly asking if the woman was attractive as his main concern, not thanking Bowser or Black Yoshi or the Brooklyn Guy for getting him a "girl".

Mario has some kind of PTSD over turtles revealed in Mario's Turtle Problem! and Jeffy Goes To The Zoo!. This is because of his past adventures.

Mario's main flaw is that he's a creeper and a stalker towards women, as he kept whining and stalking Peach, during his loneliness. He even slept with Peach's thong. When he met Rosalina (after Peach got a restraining order against him), Mario's lonely status ended once and for all.

Another flaw of Mario's is that he tends to get jealous over Rosalina paying attention to someone other than him such as D-Money Senior, Jeffy, Shrek, or her turtle.

Mario also complains about little things, such as having to climb up three flights of stairs to get to his apartment in The Warp Pipe!. He is also shown to be ungrateful sometimes. He can also be tempted into doing something he shouldn't, as he killed Rosalina's pet turtle, who she adored.

Mario is usually nice and generous, however, he begins to develop an often cruel and inconsiderate side in 2016. He tried to abandon Jeffy at the park in Where's Jeffy? and in Mario's Turtle Problem! where he brutally kills Peewee by setting him on fire and bashing him into a wall, causing him to crumble to bits (although the latter is due to trauma).

Mario is also revealed to have a cowardly side, as in Jeffy's New Toy!, he becomes extremely frightened by the electricity going out, whimpering and insisting that he needed a flashlight. In The Secret Door!, he tries to avoid going in the door after Jeffy screamed going inside of it.

Mario is shown to be both a good and bad father to Jeffy. He truly gets concerned about Jeffy's well-being, teaches Jeffy lessons when Jeffy acts misbehaved, and cannot live without Jeffy. However, Mario sometimes scolds Jeffy for minor things, can be hypocritical towards Jeffy, and wanted Jeffy dead prior to Jeffy's Parents!.

Despite his flaws, is shown to have a kind heart, as he agreed to adopt Jeffy because he felt sorry for him, and he let Jeffy play his cat piano to his heart's content after that.

Criminal Record

Mario may be down to earth, but he has a criminal record. He has committed the following crimes:

Forms and Variations

Fire Mario


Fire Mario's appearance in Mario's Turtle Problem!

Fire Mario is a transformation of Mario when using the Fire Flower. His appearance and powers stay consistent to the games. He used it in Mario's Turtle Problem! to burn Pee-wee to death.

Wing Mario

Wing Mario is a transformation of Mario when using the Wing Cap. He used it in the MLSDA episode Mama Luigi.

Wing Mario is also used in SuperMarioLogan's earliest videos.

Likes and Dislikes



  • Jeffy annoying him
  • Jeffy's stupidity and mischief (especially when he screams and swears)
  • Cat Piano
  • Turtles (because they remind him of Koopa Troopas and Bowser and suffers from PTSD as a result, may also dislike Joseph by extension)
  • Pee-wee
  • Shrek's stupidity and mischief (especially in the bathroom)
  • Loss of Rosalina
  • Jeffy (formerly)
  • Loss of Peach (formerly)
  • Peach (currently)
  • Rescuing Peach (currently)
  • Sonic killing Peach (formerly)
  • Loss of his job
  • Goodman (mostly)
  • Being lonely
  • Goodman’s crazy and insane personality
  • Getting arrested
  • Black Yoshi's mischief
  • Call of Duty
  • Bowser
  • Peach being kidnapped by Bowser (formerly)
  • Being gay
  • Shrek (sometimes)
  • Dating with gay people
  • Threats
  • Loan Dolphin
  • Killing people
  • Gross things
  • Everybody (including Peach) disliking him
  • Someone in danger
  • Hansel (the homeless man)
  • Being bald (formerly)
  • Sonic the Hedgehog
  • Dora the Explorer
  • Minecraft
  • Getting convicted of bad stuff he did not do
  • The Hop Hop Bunny and his song
  • The Loan Dolphin failing to kill Jeffy (formerly)
  • Snakes
  • Shrek crapping on his couch
  • Rosalina defending Jeffy (Especially when Jeffy is clearly in the wrong)
  • Big Hero 6 (just like Junior)
  • Areola
  • Getting locked out
  • Dewey Donedidit
  • Hiccups
  • Jeffy yelling
  • Being bald (formerly)
  • Bother
  • Fortnite
  • Jeffy's Gun
  • Toad (mostly in earlier episodes)
  • Retards
  • Sega
  • Rosalina (sometimes)
  • Playing Tag
  • Brooklyn T. Guy (sometimes)


  • Gun
  • Belt
  • Hand (formerly)
  • Nerf Gun
  • Fire Flower
  • Jumping

Death Count

Everybody hates Toad "animation"
Mario Pivot Animation
Monkey Business (revived)
Black Yoshi April Fools
Stride Mystery Gum
No Weapons Allowed
Mario's Date!
The Warp Pipe!
Jeffy's Homework!
The Fishing Trip!
Jeffy's Favorite Song! (likely a dream, off-screen)
Jeffy's Taco Tuesday! (off-screen)


  • Red 2017 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 (currently)
  • Gray 2010 Nissan Maxima S/SV (currently)
  • Red 2016 Chevrolet Camaro SS (formerly)
  • Red 2012 Chevrolet Camaro SS (formerly)
  • Dark Red (between 2006-2011) Honda Civic (shared/possibly with Rosalina)


Black Yoshi

When the two first met in MLSDA, Mario tried making friends with Black Yoshi for Yoshi's sake but quickly realised that the gangster was nothing like his friendly cousin. The two's already tense relationship becomes hostile when Black Yoshi earns Peach's affection, accidentally kills her, and then tries sending Mario to jail. After proving his innocence, Mario tries kicking him out for all the trouble he's caused and unlike his cousin, he'd done nothing but be a nuisance. This opinion quickly changes when Black Yoshi saves Mario from Zombie Peach only to be killed by Bowser, where Mario mourns him. Black Yoshi becomes one of the reasons why Mario embarks on an adventure to change the past.

In the main series, it's unknown how the two met or why Black Yoshi lives with him as Yoshi was a MLSDA-exclusive character and could never have introduced them. The two constantly get on each others nerves and Black Yoshi causes nothing but trouble for Mario. The two were shown to have a stable friendship at the beginning but after they move into the apartment it's become apparent that their relationship has become more hostile than friendly. Despite his low respect for Mario however, Black Yoshi truly does think of Mario as his best friend and helps him out whenever he can. A prime example of this was when he was the one who brought Mario and Rosalina together when Mario was still moping over Peach. Then taught Mario to fight when Mario believed Rosalina's ex-boyfriend came to visit, Mario believed he would take Rosalina away from and decided to challenge the boxer.


When Mario first met Rosalina, he started to fall madly in love with her. He was also willing to find Rosalina's star, Luna for her. Since then, he has become loyal and devoted to Rosalina and started to love her even more. However, Mario can get annoyed with Rosalina being an airhead and gets irritated by Rosalina's constant talking about the stars. He usually gets frustrated with Rosalina about Jeffy. He also gets jealous when Rosalina pays attention to someone other than him. In The Ring!, Mario was planning on proposing to her but failed because Jeffy destroyed the ring. In Black Yoshi's Mistake!, Mario proposed to Rosalina, and Rosalina accepted, and they got married in Mario's New Hat!. While Rosalina's months long disappearances bother Mario, he quickly gets over it

Mama Luigi

While Mario thought that Mama Luigi was retarded, he was Mario's favourite friend. This is because of all of the wacky and crazy adventures they had in the series of Mario & Luigi's Stupid & Dumb Adventures. Mama Luigi was stupid and nonsensical, and loved Mario, and vice-versa. This is why his death was the saddest death in MLSDA.

In the main series, the two were best friends and got up to crazy antics, such as Mario discovering Mama Luigi's embarrassing video or when they advertise the ShamWow. Mama Luigi was also one of the dinner guests in The Big Thanksgiving. Years later, after a long hiatus, it is revealed that Mama Luigi moved away sometime ago (as MLSDA is just a spin-off series, meaning his death is non-canon), but despite this he and Mario are shown to be on really good terms. This is shown where when during one of Mama Luigi's visits and Mario catches him beating up Toad, they both team up to beat the crap out of him.


Luigi is Mario's brother. While they don't hang out with each other a lot, and he isn't in many videos, they are still really good friends and brothers.

However, in the episode SML Movie: Ghost Jeffy, Mario and Luigi are shown to have a fierce sibling rivalry (where they one up each other with their achievements and failures) and that Luigi hasn't been living with the main cast for some time.


Mario, like everyone else, hates Toad. Toad even got him arrested when was beating up Black Yoshi for killing Peach. Mario once helped Mama Luigi beat Toad up for touching his nickel. However, Toad is seen travelling around with him in a few videos like The Big Thanksgiving.


Mario sorta likes Shrek but gets annoyed at Shrek due to his constant begging for him to buy him cheesecake and walking all over him. But in the early videos, Mario and Shrek got along better. He also dislikes Shrek because he calls him "Donkey" and freeloads off him.


Mario usually hates Bowser. He hates Bowser because he's always kidnapping Peach. Mario also hates bowser because he killed Mama Luigi, Luigi, and Peach in Mario and Luigi's stupid and dumb adventures. In Mario and Bowser's Stupid and Crazy Adventure, like the title suggests Mario pairs up with Bowser to find who kidnapped Peach (and Charleyyy that he saw on TV got kidnapped and without Mario knowing, he later finds out that the scene where Charleyyy was being kidnapped was part of the script). They don't like the fact that they're working together, however, the duo works together to come up with great ideas like torturing Sonic to get answers. They have also started to team up on adventures in newer episodes.


Mario was married to Peach for a long time. However, when Peach got pregnant, she started yelling and being rude to Mario. Despite this, Mario still loved her, however. However, when Peach found out that Mario was bald, Peach filed a divorce with Mario and he was heartbroken. Mario still liked Peach and wanted to remarry her. When Mario found out that Peach was pregnant with Sonic's baby, Mario hated Peach.

In and Bowser's Crazy and Stupid Adventures, wanted to save Peach and hope that she will love him again. When he saves her, Peach tells that if she saves her baby, she will love him forever. When and Bowser saves her baby, finds out that Peach likes as a brother and tells that they can start their relationship over and then get married (which they never did). daydreams of killing Peach after she double-crosses him in MBSCA.

In Mario's Valentines Day Problem!, he tried to re-date Peach by pretending Rosalina's gifts were for Peach. Thankfully, he realized that she was being a jerk and permanently dumped Peach to stay with Rosalina. Finally ending his long standing depression of Peach leaving him.

Bowser Junior

Mario met Bowser Junior once. But it is known that Mario hates Junior because he kidnapped Peach in the Mario and Bowser's Stupid and Crazy Adventures series.

In Bowser Junior's Game Night 3, it is stated that Mario and Junior have never met, since, according to both Mario and Chef Pee Pee, they have never been in the same video before. This is not true because they actually have been in several videos together and then there's the fact that it's been established many times that they know each other, but it's possible they may have forgotten about each other. Since Logan plays both characters, it makes sense as to why them appearing in the same scene is extremely rare.


Mario hates Sonic. While Sonic has only appeared in a few videos, Mario hates his guts. Mario hates Sonic because he is a rival and that Sonic was dating Peach. But when Mario and Bowser found Sonic in Bowser's room so Sonic run fast beating up Mario. At the end of MBCSA, Sonic died so that Mario never has to worry about Sonic ever again.


Although Mario hated Jeffy in earlier episodes, Mario hates Jeffy's stupidity and how he can annoying sometimes. Although he is protective, such as when he lost Jeffy where he eats, and when Jeffy had a gun, he was looking and telling Jeffy to put the gun down (even though he should've been happy because he wouldn't have to deal with Jeffy anymore). He also shot Jeffy with a Nerf gun in Bowser Junior's Nerf War! In Where's Jeffy? , Mario abandoned Jeffy at the park. However, when Jeffy turned smart, Mario liked him very much and told him that he was proud that he was his son, and was sad when he turned back to normal.

However. in the episode Jeffy's Parents!, it showed Mario's good side on Jeffy. He missed Jeffy when his mother came to take him home. After learning Jeffy's mother was abusive towards him, Mario called the cops on her and had her arrested. Then, instead of sending Jeffy to the orphanage, Mario adopted Jeffy, now officially becoming a legal parent. He even let Jeffy play with his cat piano for one whole day.

Despite their differences, Mario and Jeffy still love each other deep down, and can't live without each other, developing a relationship similar to Bowser Jr and Chef Pee Pee.

It is possible Mario even liked Jeffy before Jeffy's Parents! because in The Fishing Trip!, a shark was near him and Mario tried to save him and in Rosalina's Parents! where Jeffy was taken away by Aliens, Mario freaked out.

Chef Pee Pee

Mario seems to respect and like Chef Pee Pee. Usually interacting with him positively. In The Ring! Chef Pee Pee even helped him try to find his ring, and babysit Jeffy. They do however also compete with each other on certain occasions, like in The Golden Egg! where they were competing over finding the golden egg first.


Before Season 8, Mario and Goodman were shown while at times conflicting, to be really good friends. But after Goodman got super rich and became a horrible human being, their friendship ended. Goodman was the one who kicked Mario and the gang out of the apartment (though in Goodman's defence, this was because the Koopalings tore half the place up), and the rich man admitted he was still angry about that in Jeffy's Parents!. For some reason, Mario sees Goodman as a friend, despite the fact Goodman constantly demands house payments from him, and even stole a check and lottery ticket from him on occasion. Mario did call Goodman out on his behaviour in Jeffy Plays Baseball!, but in later episodes continues to put up with his behavior.


  • Mario is normally portrayed by Logan, but in Super Mario Got Milk (2017) and Jeffy's BIG Easter!, he is portrayed by Tito Jimenez, and in Jeffy's Switcheroo! he is portrayed by Lance due to Jeffy and Mario switching bodies.
  • Mario once lost his status as the main star due to Junior appearing in many more episodes than Mario and his friends. This created the term "SuperBowserJuniorLogan" by a critic, which debuted in Bowser Junior's Macaroni. However, since Jeffy started appearing in videos, Mario has appeared in more episodes compared to Junior and therefore has regained his status as the main star.
  • In SML canon, all of Mario's adventures in the Mario series happened prior to the beginning of the series, confirmed in Mario's Turtle Problem!. However, Mario games have been depicted as being released during the events of the series (most notably those released on the Nintendo Switch), meaning that this was either a simple gag or that the series has no firmly-established continuity.
  • Mario is the first and oldest character of SML, debuting all the way back to Super Mario Got Milk.
  • According to Mr. Goodman, Mario's balls are the size of cat kibble's balls, which makes Mario's balls extremely tiny compared to the average human size.
  • In Rosalina's Ex-Boyfriend!, it is revealed Mario was born in November.
    • It is possible that he has the same birthdate as Logan.
  • Although a regular character, Mario has shown an evil and cruel side. This is best described in Where's Jeffy? in which he attempts to abandon Jeffy at the park. He also wanted to kill the Angry Birds who were Black Yoshi's friends and teaming up with The Pigs in Black Yoshi and The Birds Episode 7, even though they did nothing wrong.
  • Logan had Lovell hold Mario in a couple of MLSDA episodes for an unknown reason.
  • Mario's plush is a Mario Party 5 Plush which is rare nowadays.
  • Mario is starting to get convicted of doing bad stuff to people or that he shouldn't do because whenever Jeffy does bad things he never gets in trouble and ends up having people blame Mario for what Jeffy did, but he doesn't do anything wrong. They think that he lies all the time.
  • Mario was the 1st one to be killed by the Hop Hop Bunny
  • In The Hitman!, he acts like a deuteragonist as he helps the Loan Dolphin with his evil plan.
  • In the Super Mario (Nintendo) universe, Mario's birthday was actually on October 11 while in the SML universe, his birthday is in November, the date is currently unknown.
  • Mario was born in many different years during SML Movies. His Nintendo birthyear was in the 1980s and Logan had stuck with it in early SML Movies, however Bowser Junior's Clown Car! states that he attended his senior year of high school in 1985, meaning he was born in 1967. In Episode 1 of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? Mario states his first game started in 1942, implying he is in his 70s.
  • Despite being born in November, in a Nintendo Power issue magazine, he was born in October.
  • Mario is very durable. He was able to survive hypersonic punches from Sonic.
  • Mario was a diabetic, as revealed in Bowser's Dinner Date.
  • Mario's birth sign is Scorpio but in the Nintendo Universe, it's Libra.
  • His favorite condiment is mayonnaise.
  • In Titototter, he is dumber and only says one thing; 'Meatballs' though it is likely that they are not the same character.
  • The Mario plush was originally a Super Mario 64 Wing Cap Mario by BD&A in Logan's videos from when he first started YouTube but was later changed to the Mario Party 5 Mario plush by Sanei and Hudson Soft in 2008.
  • Back in earlier videos, Mario's voice sounded like a British accent, but in current videos today, his voice sounds more like an American accent today.
    • This might be because Logan had been growing up for years.


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