Mario's Date! is the 103rd video of SML Movies.


Mario goes on a date with... some...thing.


It's Valentine's day and Mario feels lonely because he doesn't have a date. As he sees that Shrek has a date (Sara Lee cheesecake), Mario worries that he will be lonely forever. The Brooklyn Guy, dressed as Cupid, offers to help Mario out by finding Mario's "true love" online. 15 minutes later, the Brooklyn Guy found Mario's date and tells Mario that the date and Mario will meet at a nice restaurant nearby. The Brooklyn Guy explains to Mario that his date will be round, bald (no wig), something near her eye, big feet, no hands, a cute smile, great eyes, and a great personality while explaining that she looks cute.

When Mario comes to the table, Chef Luigi asks him what he would like to drink. Mario doesn't want anything until his date comes, but Chef Luigi couldn't hear or see Mario because he "blinked". Mario gave up and said he'd like some water, and Chef Luigi came back with water and overfilled the cup. Mario's date, who is revealed to be Kirby, then arrives, crash landing. Kirby and Mario begin talking when Chef Luigi asks them both if they would like anything to eat. Kirby and Mario didn't order anything yet, but Chef Luigi fixed them food. Kirby inhaled and swallowed all her food, to Mario's surprise and ate Mario's food and plate as well. Kirby then reveals that he is gay and is a guy. Kirby explains to an angry and stunned Mario that he found Mario in the "men seeking men" section on Craigslist.

Mario calls over the Brooklyn Guy and yells at him for setting him up at a blind date. Mario tells Kirby that he was expecting a woman and that they're not dating anymore. Kirby then swallows Mario (similar to Super Smash Bros) and ends off the episode saying "Well, that was OK, I guess."



  • This video marks Chef Luigi's first appearance.
  • This SML Movie marks the second valentines themed special, following Valentine's Day.
  • If you look at Kirby, you can see his mouth is actually moving.
  • This video marks Mario's final appearence in the old house.