"Mario's Family Moves Out!" is the 119th video of SML Movies.


Mario and the gang are forced to move out because of Mario's financial problems. They will have to deal with Bowser for the next few months!


Mario has a scheduled meeting with his accountant, who informs him of a financial flop. When Mario questions this, his accountant tells him that his video games aren't selling as great as they used to. Mario says that Super Mario Bros. was the best-selling video game of all time, but the accountant feels it is not necessary to compare to Mario's early days.

Mario reminds him that Super Smash Bros., a recent entry to the Mario series, was a hit. However, the accountant says that the game doesn't sell as a Mario game, as people buy it no matter who's in it.

Mario suggests another Mario Party, but the accountant tells him that, due to the new release of Mario Party 10, a new Mario Party would not sell unless it contained "drugs and hookers."

The accountant also doesn't like the idea of a new Super Mario Galaxy. After receiving a rushed call from Kirby, the accountant tells Mario that Kirby's not doing so well, financially-wise, either.

Mario decides to stay true to his image as Nintendo's mascot by not giving up, but even the new Amiibos aren't making much profit.

The accountant suggests that Mario goes to stay with a friend, like Peach or Toad for instance. The phone rings, and Link seems to be doing great with his series.

Mario's new idea is to put the Mario games on the iPhone/iPad, or to transfer ROMs of the popular games onto the legal mobile market. The accountant feels it wouldn't be very profitable, but does say he would check into it. Until then, he tells Mario he should go and move in with Bowser, who just recently moved, for temporary boarding. Although Mario resents the idea of going to live with his arch-nemesis, he reluctantly accepts the offer.

At the front door, he is greeted by Chef Pee Pee, who hollers for Bowser upon their arrival. Mario is seated in the living room, and he admires the accountant's painting on the wall. Chef Pee Pee tells Bowser about Mario's visit, and returns to the living room. Chef Pee Pee offers his guests some water, to which Mario refuses.

Bowser approaches Mario and prepares to fight him, but Mario manages to convince him otherwise. The accoutant informs Bowser that Mario is homeless, and the only way Mario can reason with Bowser is by arranging a meeting with Charleyyy.

Mario brings Shrek, Woody, Tony, Black Yoshi, and Toad to their new house. Shrek goes off to stink up the clean bathroom, Black Yoshi plays Call of Duty, Toad goes off to find Bowser Junior, Tony takes a poop, and Woody gazes at the "wild fields" where he plans to hunt Shrimpos. Chef Pee Pee complains about all the work he will have to do, leading Mario to go into Bowser's room, where the latter is busy watching Charleyyy and Friends. Mario decides to watch it with Bowser, and actually finds the show to be funny. 



  • This video reveals that Brooklyn Guy works as an accountant.
  • This video says that Mario and Bowser lived in separate houses prior to this (both filmed in Logan’s old house), but they have been treated as living in the same house in several prior videos.
  • Logan reveals that the apartment is only temporary and will move into a new house within six months. However, he ended up not moving into the new house for over a year and a half.
  • The picture from "Bowser Junior Goes To The Fair!" can be seen in Junior's room.
  • The sound effects that Kirby makes on the phone are all from the popular Super Smash Bros. Melee video game, the 2nd installment of the Smash Bros. Series.
  • This is the last episode in which Tony The Tiger speaks until Cody's 10th Birthday!
  • This video was uploaded on Lovell's 20TH birthday.


At around 8:00 you can see Pablo in the background behind Chef Pee Pee.