Mario's Grandpa is the 94th video of SML Movies.


Mario's grandpa gets kicked out of the nursing home...


The short starts where Mario, on his laptop, fails to surfs through the internet to find the better replacement for his own hat to cover his bald head, when his mobile phone suddenly rings in the process. He answers it to hear Mr. Goodman, now an owner of his nursing home, who calls and pleases Mario to pick up his grandfather, Harold Wilfred, after he was being causing problems at his facility and hangs up.

Puzzled and worried, Mario puts hat back on and drives to Goodman's nursing home to pick up his gramps. Upon arriving, he saw Harold walks to his grandson's car, but has troubles getting the car door open. Mario shouts Harold couple times to use a handle open it, but it's useless since Harold is little deaf, despite he has his hearing aid, and still having problem with the door. So instead, Mario opens a door for him. As Harold is inside and greets Mario, though since he's old and deaf, he always call his grandchild many wrong names, Mario tells him that Harold is coming to his house to stay until Mario finds a new nursing home. While barely driving, Mario turns on his radio to listen his favorite song, "Milk and Cookies", Harold however, dislikes the rap song and begs Mario to tune up to play something for him and his generation. So as Mario did tuned up to the classical opera station, Harold dance to the beat over the opera song.

Later, TBA



  • This video marks Mario's grandpa's first appearance, he reappears on the 1st grade series and on The 1UP!
  • The Radio Station that Plays Milk and Cookies is actually a Real World Radio Station, 97.5 WABD, The Gulf Coast's Hit Music Station.


  • At 10:32, when Mario tells his grandpa that he found him a new nursing home, a camera glitch occurs in which green bars cover up half of the screen for a split second.