Mario's Hair is the 10th video of SML Movies.


Mario takes off his hat for the first time...


Mario checks his YouTube messages and receives a "serious" question from itsCADello, asking what he looks like with his hat off. Not knowing the answer himself, Mario decides to take it off and check. The second he looks at his hair, he discovers how embarrassing his hair really looks. Woody arrives and makes fun of Mario's hair, to the point of going to get a razor and attempting to shave Mario's remaining hair. Mario angrily throws Woody out of the room.

Next, Peach comes into the room, yells at mario, then hits him, demanding to know the truth. Mario tries to convince Peach that they agreed to love each other for who they are when they got married. Since she never knew what he looked like with his hat off, he decided to show her, hoping she would still like him regardless. The second the hat comes off, the video cuts to Mario and Peach at the courthouse with Goodman staring at a giant stack of divorce papers. Goodman asks Peach if she is ready to go through with it, and she says she is. He then gets Mario to sign the papers and the couple is officially divorced.

Black Yoshi hears about the divorce, finds out about Mario's hair, and tries to comfort Mario. He agrees to take him out to the club to meet new girls to help him move on from Peach.



  • Mario's misery and lonely status begins starting with this episode.
  • This is the first time Mario takes off his hat.

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