Mario's Hobo Problem! is the 189th video of SML Movies.


Mario needs someone to unclog the toilet for him, so he hires a homeless man to do it.


The episode opens where Mario is in his car enjoying listening "Milk and Cookies" by Toad while driving his way home, until he stopped where comes across a homeless man, Hansel, who asks him for money and food. So Mario gives away both his $20.00 bill, which he won on lottery, and his buffalo wings to a homeless person and tells him to start working as he reads Hansel's sign that reads "we'll work for food", and drives away back to the apartment.

Upon arriving back home, Mario discovers that Shrek is in bathroom complaining that he had a toilet problem until comes out from the restroom, appearing with a swimming goggles, snorkel and the toilet plunger. Telling Mario (Donkey) that he almost tried to fix a toilet, and tells him that he's about to do it instead as he hands a plunger to him, and walks away. So as Mario is briefly angry and concerned about Shrek's mischief with a toilet, he walks in the bathroom and then revels his dramatic stock and disgust emotion to see a huge pile of mess of feces in the toilet by Shrek. As Shrek returns to Mario as he also hands him with his goggles and snorkel to him, he states him that he forgot to wash his hands after his pooping before, again, walks away, which makes Mario act more dramatically stocked and disgusted as he drops Sherk's swimming items, and shows Chef Pee Pee a big mess in the toilet. The two angry and disgusted friends walks to Shrek, who tries to cut open his package of cheesecake, and asks him why he didn't flush a toilet after every of his crap time. Shrek conferences Mario and Pee Pee that he almost tried to flush it, but both Mario and Pee Pee refuses to believe him as they states him that he is too lazy and says that he can't deserve a cheesecake, since Mario said that Shrek's treat is suppose to be his prize after pooping, then throws it away from Shrek. However Shrek refuses Mario to fix a toilet and he forces him to do it and leaves. Mario then asks Chef Pee Pee if he can fix the toilet instead, but Pee Pee refuses and then also leaves. Mario then tries to call a plumber (who is Brooklyn T. Guy) to come over and fix the toilet, but the plumber refuses to fix it.  As the plumber turns to leave, Mario is thinking of someone else who can fix the toilet for money, until he comes with an idea to hire someone he came across, which is Hansel.

So Mario walks outside to the street where he meets Hansel, who is sleeping in the box with the bottles of beers. Mario wakes up the homeless man and asks him if he offers him a job to come to Mario's house to fix a toilet. Hansel agrees Mario (who often calls him Cheeseburger Man) to do it for him.

So Mario takes Hansel back to his home and heads to the bathroom, but before they do, Hansel reaches the refrigerator, where he finds a whole collection beers bottles, which belongs to Mario, and takes one of them. Though Mario stops Hansel and tells him that the guy can't have a beer until after work. But as Hansel complains Mario that he wants a beer for the work, so Mario decides him to get only one of his beers. Hansel then sneaks in another beer.

After that, the two arrives at the bathroom where Mario shows Hansel a toilet filled with a messy poop, which makes Hansel chuckles over the messy toilet instead of showing his disgusted face, compare to three recent witnesses. So Mario hands Hansel with a plunger, to his mouth, tells him to get to work with a toilet and leaves, after Mario sees that Hansel has two bottles of Mario's beers than one.

Mario walks to the kitchen to tell Chef Pee Pee a good news on how to get the toilet fixed, but before he dose, he suddenly discovers Hansel walks out from the bathroom and grabs another beer of Mario. Mario shouts the man that he cannot have another beer until he gets the toilet fixed, but until Mario decides to tell him that he gets one more of his beers anyway. After Hansel leaves with Mario's beer, Mario then tells Pee Pee that he hired a homeless man to fix the toilet for him. But Chef Pee Pee is shocked and angry at Mario because he shouldn't bring a homeless person to their house and calls him stupid. Mario states that he's not stupid and that it's gonna get done but Chef Pee Pee says if he steals something then don't call him. It then cuts to Hansel lying on the ground with 4 beers and the plunger stuck to the cupboard. Mario comes in and asks why he hasn't unclogged the toilet and Hansel says he's too drunk. Mario then tells him if he unclogs it he'll give him a whole case of beer and that gives him the motivation to unclog the toilet. (To be finished)