• [Video starts with Black Yoshi, once again, playing his Call of Duty, like usual]
  • Black Yoshi: Oh, folk man, I love playing my Call of Duty, man.
  • [Mario rushes to Black Yoshi]
  • Mario: Black Yoshi! Black Yoshi!
  • Black Yoshi: Folk, what are you all excited about?
  • Mario: I got a letter in the mail from Peach!
  • Black Yoshi: Man, what does she want?
  • Mario: I don't know, let me see, uh. [Letter showing restraining order] It's a restraining order.
  • Black Yoshi: [ Chuckles ] Folk, I knew that was gonna happen.
  • Mario: I can't go within 5 miles from her ? I didn't know you can do that far distance.
  • Black Yoshi: Folk, I got 6 miles from my baby mama.
  • Mario: Aw. I don't know what I'm gonna do, I just wish she would love me again. [Someone knocks on the door] There's someone at the door! I'll see who it is. [Mario goes to the door as Black Yoshi continues his Call of Duty] Hello? [Stammering]
  • Peach: [ Sighs ] Yes Mario, it's me.
  • Mario: Peach! What are you doing here? You must've sent that restraining order by mistake.
  • Peach: Oh, I, no. I meant to sent that.
  • Mario: Oh, what, then, what are you doing here ?
  • Peach: I forgot my thong here a while back, and I'd kinda like get that.
  • Mario: Oh, you mean you want that back? I kinda sleep with it.
  • Peach: Uh, you're disgusting.
  • Mario: I'll get it. I'll get it. [Mario gets the thong] Please don't take it, please don't take it ? [Peach takes it, and goes] No ! No ! I love you !
  • Peach: You're a creep !
  • [Mario goes back in the house as he begins to cry, he then goes back to the couch crying]
  • Black Yoshi: She came back for the panties didn't she ?
  • Mario: Yes ! [ Sobbing ]
  • Black Yoshi: Man these girls and them panties, man!
  • Mario: I want her back ! [ Continues Sobbing ]
  • Black Yoshi: Folk, Mario, why you cryin man ?
  • Mario: Because no women likes me, and I want a women ! Peach left me ! [ Sobbing ]

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