"Mario's New Hat!" is the 336th episode of SML Movies.


Mario gets a new hat after his old hat gets flushed down the toilet!


This video starts out with Black Yoshi playing Call Of Duty. Mario informs Black Yoshi that he is going on a wedding with Rosalina, and Black Yoshi thinks Mario is stupid for doing so. Black Yoshi tells Mario that Rosalina is a hoe, and he will only have one welfare check instead of two. Mario is still going to marry Rosalina anyway, so he goes and take a nice shower. However, he accidentally left his hat in the bathroom.

Shrek comes running in the bathroom and went to poop on the toilet. A massive amount of poop comes out, and when Shrek finish pooping, he went to get some toilet paper. However, there is no more toilet paper left so he uses Mario's hat as a toilet paper. Mario later finds out that Shrek used his hat as toilet paper, and Mario gets extremely angry at Shrek. Mario doesn't have a hat now, so he doesn't know what to wear as a hat during the wedding (he obviously doesn't want to go without a hat, because he's bald).

Meanwhile, Jeffy finds out that Mario lost his hat. Jeffy figures that he can make a new hat for Mario with his "doodle-doodle pencil-fart" magic trick. Junior comes in and see's him making the hat and he asks why it has eyes and Jeffy says he drew them on so the hat can see where it's going in case it gets lost again. (Because Jeffy thought it literally got lost) He makes the new hat for Mario, which is named Cappy, and he gives it to Mario. Mario ask why there is eyes on the hat and Jeffy responded that the eyes is used to be able to see things in case it gets lost again.

Mario got mad so Jeffy took the hat and threw it at Black Yoshi. Mario then ends up inside Black Yoshi's body looking confused. Mario asks why he is inside Black Yoshi's body and Jeffy respond that he threw his hat at Black Yoshi to possess him. Mario then took Black Yoshi's hat off and threw it at the cat piano. Jeffy also throws the hat at a fly, his diaper, a Cheerios box, and a frog.

By this time, they are at the wedding and Rosalina worries that Mario changed his mind that he wants to marry her. But then Mario comes out of nowhere explaining the situation. He worries that Rosalina will dump her, but she says she will always love him, no matter who he is. Mario and Rosalina kiss and Mario returns to normal. They marry and the video ends.



  • Mario and Rosalina are married after this video.
  • Cappy's inclusion was meant to tie in with the release of Super Mario Odyssey. The wedding plot is also likely meant to tie into Super Mario Odyssey's wedding-based plot.
  • This is the first time Mario and Rosalina kiss each other.
  • This is Black Yoshi's first appearance since "Black Yoshi's Mistake!."
  • This is Shrek's first appearance since "Shrek's Coma!" which was 3 months ago.
  • The day this video was released on was exactly one year after "The Ring!" and exactly two years after "Mario's New Girlfriend!" and the same day Super Mario Odyssey was released.
  • This video was teased by Logan on Instagram.
  • This is the only video to have a color coordinating font in the thumbnail.
  • This is the first time Rosalina appeared in the thumbnail since "The Secret Door!."
  • This is the first video with Mario in the title since "Mario's Valentines Day Problem!."
  • This is one of the few videos in which Jeffy was actually helpful and useful in some way.
  • Black Yoshi not letting Mario to get married and rather get the money for something he wants is a reference to "Black Yoshi's Mistake!."
  • Mario saying ribbit as a frog is a reference to Shrek's Crappy Wish when Mario said, "Yee-haw" as Donkey.
  • This is the third time that Jeffy use doodle-doodle pencil fart trick. The first was "Drawing Jeffy!" and the second time is "Jeffy Sneaks Out!."
  • Jeffy uses his same thumbnail position from The Golden Egg!Nintendo Switch and Jeffy's TV Show!
  • This marks Jeffy's 80th overall appearance.
  • This video got age-restricted for Jeffy throwing Cappy at his diaper.
    • The video is no longer age-restricted as of December 19, 2017
  • The video is obviously based on the game "Super Mario Odyssey".
    • The wedding between Mario and Rosalina is a reference to the game where Bowser is trying to marry Peach.
    • Shrek makes a reference to Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory when he is about to unleash his crap.
    • Mario turning into a frog is a possible reference to the first kingdom where you have to turn to a frog to jump through obstacles.
  • Mario turning back to normal by being kissed by Rosalina is an obvious reference to the fairy tale "The Frog Princess."


  • When Jeffy put on Mario's new hat on top of his head without letting him see it, Mario knew what the hat looked like even though he didn't see it with his eyes.
  • When Mario and Jeffy get to the area where Rosalina is supposed to marry Mario, Mario's hat didn't have eyes, but when Jeffy sees the frog, the eyes reappeared.
  • Mario got into Black Yoshi's body when Jeffy tossed the hat to Black Yoshi, but when Mario turned into Jeffy's cat piano, Black Yoshi is nowhere to be seen.
  • When Mario turned into the frog, he was missing his nose and mustache. However, when he meets up with Rosalina and Goodman, he now has them.
  • Jeffy was scared of a fly in Jeffy Has Hiccups!, but now brave to see a fly in Mario's New Hat. This could have been a mistake Logan must have forgot about or Jeffy knew that he transformed Mario into Black Yoshi and Jeffy's Cat Piano before transforming Mario into the fly. It could be possible he overcame his fear.
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