"Mario's Valentines Day Problem!" is the 184th video of SML Movies.


Mario is spending Valentines Day with both Rosalina and Peach!


Mario is preparing a big Valentines Day for Rosalina and has bought many gifts for her including; a teddy bear, some candy, flowers and a giant card. Black Yoshi wants to use the couch to play Call of Duty, but Mario gives him money to not to. Rosalina shows up and they all start to have a great time together. Just then, someone comes at the door. Mario answers it and it is revealed to be Peach, who wants to spend Valentines Day with Mario.

Mario is caught in a crisis; he can choose either Peach or Rosalina. Mario decides to go behind Rosalina's back and let Peach inside. He tricks Rosalina into going into the closet so she won't see Peach. Mario gives Peach the gifts he gave to Rosalina and Peach totally hates them. Mario decides to prepare dinner and makes some Italian food.

Rosalina loves it, but Peach despises it. Mario finally realizes that Peach isn't worth his time, and that Rosalina is his true love and he kicks her out. Mario goes to the closet (where he tricked Rosalina into going into, so she wouldn't see Peach) and he confesses that he now realizes that he has the most wonderful girl in the world and losing her would be the worst thing ever, and he gives her a new Star Wars card.



  • Mario finally sees Peach for the selfish, ungrateful brat she truly is and how lucky he is to have Rosalina.
  • This is the first time Jeffy was absent in a 2016 Mario video.
  • This is currently the last video in which Peach appears due to date.
  • In this episode, Peach is the main antagonist.
  • This is the 2nd video to be seen on Google's YouTube Kids app, the first was The Christmas Special! But it is unknown why this video is on the YouTube Kids app, because most of Logan's videos are inappropriate, so this may be considered inappropriate.
    • Because of this, parents of children that use the app deleted it, due to inappropriate content. (an example is a video on the channel "Superkidz Finger Family" about Mickey Mouse and his family all dressed as Deadpool firing gunshots at one another and committing suicide. This led to the channel being taken down on both YouTube and YouTube Kids.)
      • The CCFC (Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood) and the CDD (Center for Digital Democracy) sent a letter to the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) and talked with Google about this, while the CCFC uploaded a video on Vimeo explaining this.
        • A video on Vimeo by the CCFC showing examples of this uploaded.[1]


  1. "Is YouTube Kids A Safe Place For Young Children To Explore?" - A video on Vimeo about the CCFC showing some of the inappropriate content on Google's YouTube Kids app.