"Mario Pivot Animation" is an early video of SuperMarioLogan.


Mario and Peach argue, so Peach runs away. Mario plans to get her back!


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Mario asks Peach if he can travel with the boo mushroom, but it turns Peach into a boo. Mario thinks she looks stupid, then Peach leaves when Mario uses a boo mushroom to chase after Peach.

When Peach got away from Mario, Luigi comes and uses his Poltergust 3000 to suck up Peach. Mario goes inside the pipe to look for Peach.

He confronted a dry bone, and it attacked Mario and took all his clothes. Mario then stomps on a Goomba and went inside the pipe for an exit. Mario fell out of the pipe and fell on poop.

Luigi uses his vacuum to suck up the poop and Mario as well. Luigi went inside to E. Gadd's Lab to release Mario and Peach into the machine. When they came out of the machine, Mario hits Luigi, and Peach hits Mario. Luigi puts Mario's clothes back on.



  • This is the first ever time in the series where Bowser has a role.