Mario Pivot Animation "bad day" is an early episode of SuperMarioLogan.


Mario gets up from bed and trips on the Wii, but gets himself up. Mario pushes the chair away and it falls and breaks, then he sees that his "stupid" YouTube account was terminated. He then throws his computer at his Wii and they both get broken. As he walks away from the room, the table breaks and the TV falls on the floor.

He goes into the bathroom and turns on the water in the sink. He then gets his toothbrush then trips again, flinging the toothbrush in the toilet filled with poop. Mario then flushes the toilet and gets flooded, but he cleans up the water with a towel. He then takes a shower and after he leaves the bathroom the TV falls through the floor and on the bathroom floor.

He then goes into the kitchen to get some cereal for breakfast when he finds out that the cereal and old milk were eaten and drank by "FroggyCompany".

Mario goes into the living room and tries to jump over the couch, but trips on it instead. Mario goes outside only to accidentally eat the poison mushroom, shrinking him to an immensely small size. Luigi who was taking a walk, doesn't notice that he had stepped on the tiny Mario, and instead drinks a cup of coffee.



  • The song that was playing throughout the video was Bad Day by Daniel Powter.
  • At 1:11, Where it says in the cereal box that FroggyCompany ate them, it references The SML Hater, FroggyCompany, which for unknown reasons started hating logan.