Mario Plush Collection! is a video in which Logan shows his Mario plush collection. It was released on SuperLuigiLogan.



  • Logan announced upcoming videos during the video.
  • Logan has his Red Yoshi now, but a Yoshi's Family series has yet to be created.
  • Logan announced that the main Bowser Junior plush he used was retired due to the cut it got from Bowser Junior's Fireworks!
  • There is an unknown Mario plush that is the exact same style as Mama Luigi, so that would be Mama Mario.
  • Logan announced new characters that will be in future videos (Daisy, Dry Bowser, Tommy's Mom)
  • Most of the plushes Logan owns are pretty rare as the Mario Party 5 Luigi Plush is one of the rarest ones in his collection.
  • When Logan said all of the Bowser Juniors' bibs are off when he packs his stuff for a future video, it was for Bowser Junior's Candy Bar!