Mario Saves Someone "Part 1" is an extremely early episode of SuperMarioLogan. It has an unofficial sequel in Yoshi Takes Mario to McDonald's. The episode was done in a single take, it is a completely un-edited video. It was taken down by YouTube, but it has since been put back up.


Mario is looking at a coin from a limited edition Super Mario Galaxy game when Yoshi yells for help. Yoshi is stuck on top of a huge tower of video games after he was "just eating a banana when [he] finally came up [there] for some reason". Yoshi explains to Mario that if he falls he will die, which convinces Mario to reluctantly save Yoshi. Mario seems daunted by the task as the tower is very tall. He hints that he made the tower when he says "It's just great that is didn't but these on there..." while referring to a smaller pile of games next to it. Mario continues Mario saves Yoshi, and Yoshi eats Mario's collectors coin, making Mario very sad. Yoshi tries to make it up to him by promising to make a "Yoshi Saves Someone" video, He never followed through with his promise.