Mario The Gangsta is the 73rd video of SML Movies.


Mario learns how to be a GANGSTA!


The episode starts with Mario checking the mail. Then, Officer Goodman and his new rookie say they need his help investigating Pookie the drug dealer. They need Mario to buy drugs from him and get him arrested. Mario didn't want to do it, but when they told Mario they would pay him 100,000 dollars, he was in.

Mario goes to Pookie's car, trying to act cool, Mario accidentally fails at trying to be cool and ends up getting beat up by Pookie. When Mario gets back, he finds out that the two policemen weren't watching and didn't have any proof Mario tried. So to be cool for it to work, Mario went to Black Yoshi.

Mario asks Black Yoshi if he could help him, but Black Yoshi wanted somethings in return. He wanted a new controller, a new Call of Duty, and other stuff. Mario asked how much it would cost, and Black Yoshi said $400. Mario said yes. First to change Mario's look. Black Yoshi put Mario's hat sideways and pulled his overalls down till'  he could see Mario's buttcrack. Next was a list of cool words like Water was Wadduh, and Drink was Drank/Kool-aid. After Black Yoshi wanted Mario to know how to use a gun (glock). Mario was scared but shot anyway, and got a bullseye.

After Mario's training was complete, Black Yoshi gave Mario fake gold chains. After Mario went again to Pookie and bought some drugs, Pookie asked Mario if he wanted a guy from Walmart that was in his trunk. Mario said no. And the officers came and arrested Pookie. Mario asked about the money. And they said 3-4 weeks. Mario went inside. And Black Yoshi wanted the money to bail out Pookie because he was Black Yoshi's friend, and that's what Mario didn't know.



  • The Brooklyn Guy is revealed to have a part-time job as a police officer.
  • The man in Pookie's car's trunk is the same man who works at the waffle house in Bowser Junior's Breakfast.
  • Pookie was recycled from the Tyrone puppet.
  • The bag of drugs that Pookie had were not real drugs, it was just a small ziplock bag full of sugar.


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