The crocodile and Peach escape through the pipe. When Bowser tries to go through, he knocks the pipe over. The Aligator reveals that one of them has to die to get to his palace, when Bowser voulnteers to go. Before Bowser sacrifices himself, he asks Peach for a hug. She agrees, and he knocks her over. A Rubic's Cube falls off and hits Peach on the head, knocking her out. They decide to sacrifice her to the eagle. Meanwhile, Mario, Mama Luigi, and Yoshi come out the pipe. Yoshi gets knocked out. Mario and Luigi climb up a mounitan where they find a cloning machine. Mario goes in and a clone comes out. Luigi can't tell them apart, so he asks them questions "only the real Mario would know". The loser gets shot with the NES Zapper. Mario's clone gets shot by Luigi. Luigi goes through the cloner, but doesn't get cloned. The bros. find Peach and get her back, and the Aligator gets killed. Peach gets stolen by Bowser, who runs away. The end.

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