Mario and Luigi: Work Problems is the 1st episode of SML Movies. It is the series premiere of SML Movies.


Mario is on his way to work, when he is stopped by a Goomba. Mario can't get through, so he drinks a power drink and gets bigger. Mario attempts to kill the Goomba, but it knocks Mario out. Luigi comes along, and sees the Goomba. Luigi drinks a power shake, and grows big. Luigi tries to kill the Goomba, but the Goomba knocks him out as well. Peach comes along, and sees the Goomba. Peach drinks a Power Shake, and grows big. Peach then successfully kills the Goomba. Peach sees Mario and Luigi's unconscious bodies, but doesn't care that much and leaves to go shopping.



  • This episode, as many subsequent episodes were, was shot in a single take. It wasn't until later when SML videos were edited.

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